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June 2021

Summer Reading Series

A Memoir

by Machaelle Wright

Pivot is a comfort that will push you out of your comfort zone. Curious? Read Pivot and let yourself grow. Seriously. What else are you gonna do in this heat?!

Spending just 10 minutes a day, sitting quietly and reading to learn something new will enrich your existence. It can make the impossible feel possible again. It can make the unbearable feel doable. When choosing your next book to spend part of your day with, we highly recommend Machaelle's memoir, Pivot.

A pivot occurs when a person who has been traveling on a familiar, well-defined life path makes a sudden voluntary or involuntary turn that untethers the individual from that path and propels him or her onto a new and often unrelated path that uproots the individual from his or her previous world.

Perhaps that sounds familiar to some of you. When considering how you might navigate a pivot in your own life, you will find the roadmap in this teaching memoir invaluable.

As Machaelle shares her life — from where she was born and what she was born into, all the way through to where she is and what she is doing now — lessons unfold that can forever change how you interact with nature, humanity and the universe.

It would be the mother of all understatements to say reading Pivot helped us to reevaluate many things.

We have read all of Machaelle's books multiple times over the last 30 years. Every time it is a new experience. In Pivot, you'll walk along at Machaelle's side as she privately shares with you her entire life's adventures, challenges, pains and accomplishments. This includes with new context, the years and events she talks about in Behaving, Dancing and Mount Shasta. If you have read those books, you may have moments in Pivot that feel familiar and you'll think you know what's coming next. Our advice: Roll with it. If you're like us, you will understand these events as if you are learning about them for the first time. In Pivot, the raw truth of what Machaelle shares through each chapter of her life builds on the previous chapter and takes you to a deeper, almost impossible to describe, understanding of just how much each of us can make of a lifetime.

Machaelle Wright has worked tirelessly to give us Perelandra, to enable all of us to better our lives and the world — to facilitate our conscious partnership with nature. At a time in our lives when some of the challenges before us seemed insurmountable, Pivot was, and is, a gift.

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Machaelle's Pivot Scrapbook

Machaelle has more to share with all of her Pivot readers in her special scrapbook gallery! This visual companion adds to the already vivid picture she paints across the pages of her memoir, and expands on what you learn from this remarkable book.

View Machaelle's Pivot Scrapbook

Pivot Scrapbook

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