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July 20, 2019

Summer Reading Series

A Memoir

from the Question Line Duo

Pivot is a masterclass in effectively wielding the thing that makes us what and who we are.

Here and across most of the U.S. this weekend, the heat is unbearable. We are opting to stay indoors. It's a good opportunity to do some summer reading. We highly recommend Pivot, Machaelle Wright's memoir!

Pivot will ground in you the understanding of how using our free will and choosing well can make all the difference in the world. We humans could use all the help we can get improving our use of free will.

Machaelle published Pivot less than a year ago, so we bet there are a bunch of folks who haven't read it yet. And maybe some of you are ready for a re-read! As she shares her life — from where she was born and what she was born into, all the way through to where she is and what she is doing now, lessons unfold that can forever change how you interact with nature, humanity and the universe.

It would be the mother of all understatements to say reading Pivot helped us to reevaluate many things.

We have read all of Machaelle's books multiple times over the last 30 years. Every time it is a new experience. In Pivot, you will walk along at Machaelle's side as she privately shares with you her entire life's adventures, challenges, pains and accomplishments. This includes with new context, the years and events she talks about in Behaving, Dancing and Mount Shasta. If you have read those books, you may have moments in Pivot that feel familiar and you'll think you know what's coming next. Our advice: Roll with it. If you're like us, you will understand these events as if you are learning about them for the first time. In Pivot, the raw truth of what Machaelle shares through each chapter of her life builds on the previous chapter and takes you to a deeper, almost impossible to describe, understanding of just how much each of us can make of a lifetime.

Machaelle Wright has worked tirelessly to give us Perelandra, to enable all of us to better our lives and the world — to facilitate our conscious partnership with nature. At a time in our lives when some of the challenges before us seemed insurmountable, Pivot was, and is, a gift.

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Some of you may be drawn to start at the beginning of the Perelandra story and read Machaelle's earlier autobiographical books in the order she wrote them, as she progressed. If you're one of those people, you may find these articles helpful. In them, Jeannette and Beth share their personal stories about the first time they read these books.