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Update: March 26, 2020

The Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals

As you are shoring up your own health and home, remember your companion animals. First, be sure to include them in your emergency and quarantine plans. Second, and always: Wash your hands. (You may also appreciate these helpful CDC FAQs.)

Your animals are smart. They pick up on and sometimes react to big changes happening around them. If they're having a hard time, behaving differently or dealing with a serious health issue, try the Perelandra Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals.

Nature Healing Process Paper

When it comes to your animals' health issues, nature is the best and most efficient healing assistant. It's for any companion animal — dog, cat, ferret, hamster, parakeet, box turtle, horse, pot-belly pig, mouse . . . If it's your "pet" and it needs help for any illness, chronic fear or injury and trips to the vet, use this process. And when you are under stress, anxious and worried, your companion animals are impacted. You can use the process to address those effects.

Important: In addition to the instructions, you will need ETS for Humans to maintain your balance while working with the process.

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Note: The Perelandra Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals was published in 2013. It improved on and completely replaced the Nature Healing Coning for Animals, which had been helping folks work with nature to assist their animals since the early 1990s.

If you own a copy of MAP, look up Chapter 11 in your book. If it says, "Nature Healing Coning for Animals," you need to replace it with the new process.

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