POSTED: October 1, 2014

Try This #9

Suggestions & Ideas
from Machaelle Wright

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Thanks to the "Red Dot" sale that just ended, I'm thinking you are well stocked with Perelandra Essences. So here's a tip I wanted to pass along for using your Essences better.

When I'm working with gardeners and farmers who are using co-creative principles, I point out that when the garden or field is hit with an insect invasion or plants suddenly begin to die or any other anomaly that seems to come out of the blue, they should not panic and, instead, read it as a message. Nature is telling them that something is suddenly off balance and needs addressing. What the human is observing is a reflection of an imbalance.

The same principle applies to the human body. When something out of the norm happens the first time, it could just be an accident or it can be the first message from your body letting you know that something is off and there are circuits in your electric system that need to be addressed. It's easy to ignore these kinds of "accidents" the first time they occur because they can be so minor. Like a glitch or an oops or a hiccup. But when something similar happens again later in the day or the next day, you don't want to ignore this, no matter how insignificant it might be. And when it happens a third time within the next day or two, consider that your body is screaming its message at you and the same kind of dumb thing will continue to occur until you do something about it.

In the past when these kinds of things happen, I've suggested two responses:

1. Take ETS for Humans right away to repair and balance your trauma circuits.
2. Test Essences to repair and balance the circuits connected to the actual injury/symptoms.
Now I'm adding a third suggestion:
3. Origination circuit test: Test Essences for the electric circuits in need of repair that are the underlying cause of the repetitious accidents you are experiencing or the chronic, repetitious health-related problems.

Instead of just treating the injury/symptoms, you now are eliminating the underlying reason that keeps causing you to injure yourself or your repetitious health issues. You will be addressing three sets of electric circuits:

1. The trauma circuits by taking ETS for Humans

2. The circuits connected to the actual injuries/symptoms

3. The underlying origination circuits that are causing or triggering the repetitious occurrences. Remember: The repetitious considerations don't have to be limited to dopey accidents that may or may not cause injury. Also think about recurring health problems.

The Setup
1. Take one to three doses of ETS as needed right away.
2. Do Essence telegraph testing for each injury/symptom. Get your dosages and do all follow-ups.
3. Origination circuit test: Focus a new Telegraph Test on the underlying origination circuits that trigger your repetitious actions, behavior or health-related condition. Just set up this test by stating: "I'd like to test the underlying circuits that are causing the [describe the repetitious action/behavior/condition]."

Get your dosage and do all follow-ups for step 3. If nothing tests positive, you don't have a problem with origination circuits. However, should the same thing or something similar occur again, set up and do the 3-step testing to check for origination circuits that may now be present.

By the way, the steps for the Basic Essence Test and the Essence Telegraph Test are listed and explained in the book, The Perelandra Essences.

Here's to using your Perelandra Essences well, and to good health.
— Machaelle

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