Hints, Tips, and Guidelines
Tab This!

I've organized my Workbooks, kits, essences and notebooks in ways that might be useful to others. Describing this is difficult, but the organization makes everything flow smoother and is well worth the initial set-up.

First of all, I've used Post-it Page Markers (they're about ½" x 2") for the Workbooks and the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual. Here's what my MBP Manual looks like: There are Post-it Page Markers, in several layers, going down the side. The first bunch go from top to bottom, are all pink, and they mark Chapter 2, "The Setup." I've written on each marker the name of the process talked about on that page. So, for example, page 33 has a pink Post-it Marker, starting about 4½" down the page, and sticking out about ¾". The ¾" that shows with the book closed has written on it:

  • GeneticBal
  • Factor XYZ
  • Step 7

I've used orange Post-it Markers to differentiate Chapter 3, where, for example, page 61 has a marker sticking out that says:

  • GeneticBal
  • Factor XYZ
  • Basic Essence test for Humans

I've continued with green markers for Chapter 4 and yellow for Appendix E. My Expanded Balancing Kit is both labeled and numbered. For example, the very first balancer, top row left side, is labeled "1 Bone Meal." The next is "2 Cottonseed Meal." The numbers are a different color from the words, which makes them easier to see when I have to return a bunch into the box. Also, when I'm using the Microbial Balancing Chart and I want to write down the balancers that I've used, and there are more than one or two, I simply write the numbers. As I'm using them, if one is getting low, I turn it upside-down so I'll remember to refill it before I need it for another process.

I have a similar set-up for my essences. I use the small bottle size, that come in two boxes--blue and green boxes. The essences in the Blue Box I've numbered with blue numbers, using permanent ink in case of spills. In addition, I've written the number of the bottle in the box, in the slot where that bottle goes. For example, in the Blue Box, V2 has a blue "10" written on it, and a blue "10" written in the slot where it lives. The Green Box vials have green numbers written on them and in the box. When I need to replace a bunch of essences, it's easy. Also, when I want to write on a chart the names of the essences I've used, I look at the empty slots before I replace the bottle, and read off their numbers. For example, an entry for V2, Sobopla, and Peace will read: Blue: 10, 14; Green: 2 (or, when I'm really in a hurry: B: 10, 14; G: 2).

Although it's not necessary for so few essences, there have been times when I wouldn't be able to fit them all in if they weren't numbered!

The exception is in the Blue Box, where the Soul Rays aren't renumbered. When I note the use of Soul Ray Essences, I might write, for example, SR: 2, 4, 7.

As for the notebooks: I have a three-ring binder for my health processes. It has a full-page clear slot in the front, where I keep my Perelandra Essences Chart, so I can look at the front and see that info at a glance. Inside, I have sections marked "Health Musings/Ideas;" "Health Charts" (Organizing Process and Microbial Balancing, most recent first, all with three holes to fit the binder); Health "Other" list; and "Symptoms" list. In the back is a slot where I keep blank charts, with three holes already punched in and ready to go. I use Post-It flags to mark the charts currently in use. I'm considering adding a calendar—maybe for the back cover clear plastic slot.

S.S., California