Update: August 16, 2019

Bacteria Solution Virus Solution 2oz

Perelandra Tip

Take Virus and Bacteria Solutions Year-Round

These two Perelandra Solutions are not just for "seasonal" issues. Microbes — bacteria and virus — are an integral part of our overall health and balance every day, every month, every season.

If you've been taking one or both of these Solutions only seasonally, we remind you that Virus and Bacteria do not have a "season." They need to be taken year-round for continued effectiveness. Also, your Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution bottles do not need to be replaced annually.

We are learning that many folks who took the (now replaced) Seasonal Balancing Solution for only six to eight months out of every year and still had good results continued that rhythm with the Bacteria and Virus Solutions. A few of you doing this have called to say, "I never used to have any problems. Never missed work. Maintained my overall health and balance. After I started on the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution, I started 'catching' things. The first time I went down for the count, I soldiered through and when I felt better, started taking both Solutions again. Then I went down again. What's up"

If you've gone down, what you may have experienced is your body throwing off something that set up shop in your system long ago. Eventually your system will get to the point where it's ready to finish the eviction and adjust to a new level of balance. If this happens, keep taking your Virus and Bacteria Solutions. Take them both twice daily until you've completed the adjustment.

ONCE AGAIN! Don't stop taking the Virus Solution or the Bacteria Solution when you get hit with something. In fact, make sure you're taking them both twice daily until you are at full strength and holding your balance, and for at least a month after that. Then, you can switch to once-daily doses for maintenance.

If you stop taking the Virus Solution and/or Bacteria Solution in the middle of the process, you are interrupting the flow of what's happening. When you start taking them again, you're starting the building process over again.

TRAVELERS: When you travel, you're interacting with and adjusting to new variations of microbes, no matter the season. This is another reason why, if you're taking the Bacteria and Virus Solutions, you should not stop taking them for part of the year, or even for a short time while you are traveling.

We want you to get the best, most effective use out of these Solutions. We want you to experience what they can do for you. We want to really drive this point home in a way that registers. If you have any questions about using the Perelandra Virus Solution and/or the Perelandra Bacteria Solution, please give us a call on the Question Line (1-540-937-3679). We answer the line on Wednesdays from 10 AM to 8 PM, eastern.

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