September 2012

The Garden of Wonders

We were looking for a photo in our garden gallery recently and opened the page of "thumbnails" representing each week of the gallery for the year. It was striking to see the year on one page. And it gave us an idea.

This new slide show gives you a year-full of photos from the Perelandra garden — one taken each week, from Fall Equinox through the end of the summer season. Strung together, they give a unique perspective of the garden as it moves through a full cycle.

The hardest part of putting together this slide show for you turned out to be giving it a title. By Friday night, the names we were coming up with were getting goofier and goofier. So we thought we'd throw this your way. . . . And you folks came through!

A special thanks to those of you who submitted your name ideas for this fall's new garden slide show. The winner is "The Garden of Wonders" from Brian T.'s 8-year old daughter in Niceville, Florida! The garden assistants have chosen a special Perelandra gift just for her.

To experience the full ambiance, be sure to have your sound up.