Posted: 3/28/17

PIC's Classroom is here for you.
from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

It's not just about testing the list! Everyone can benefit and learn from the "Classroom" part of the Perelandra Information Center (PIC).

The Perelandra Information Center "holds" the complete body of information and understanding connected with the electric patterns in all of the Perelandra Essences, and every Perelandra Solution. This vast resource is facilitated by nature and can be easily accessed by anyone who wishes to learn about a Perelandra bottled product and how it can help.

We often give tips and suggestions for using PIC List testing. With such a comprehensive option as this testing, it's easy to forget about the incredible, personalized resource of PIC's Classroom. So you don't miss out on what it has to offer, we're sharing some examples of how you can get help from the PIC Classroom.

A helpful tip.
If you're having trouble visualizing "what" or "who" you're asking when you activate PIC, visualize standing at the desk of the PIC Librarian.

Which Perelandra Solutions are right for me?
If you're new to the Solutions, or if you're wondering which ones to add to what you're already taking, use the PIC Classroom. You don't have to use kinesiology (PKTT or muscle testing). In fact, other than being alive, you don’t need any specially developed tools for participating in PIC's Classroom. PIC was developed for anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the Perelandra bottled products, and PIC will work with you in ways that you can comfortably "hear" and understand.

Let's say you're using Weight Balancing and ETS for Humans daily, but you would like some additional support addressing how drained and absent-minded you've been feeling lately. Follow the guidelines for "Working with PIC's Classroom" on pp. 7-8 of the PIC Brochure. Activate PIC, explain that you've been feeling drained and scattered and you'd like to know which Perelandra Solutions would help you address this. Then open the Perelandra eCatalog and go to pp. 2-5 where you'll find the basics about each Perelandra Solution. Choose the bottle(s) that pique your interest or "ring true" for you. (If you know PKTT, you can easily test each one as you go.) When you're done, remember to deactivate your PIC connection.

Why do I keep testing for the same Essences?
Sometimes when you test the Perelandra Essences regularly, you can have a period of days or weeks when every combination includes one or a few of the same Essences, whether it's for a daily test or a telegraph test. When every test seems to include (for example) Ambassador in your combination, you may start to wonder, "Why?"

This is a question for the PIC Classroom! Follow the guidelines on pp. 7-8 of the PIC Brochure. Activate PIC and ask your question, "Why does Ambassador keep testing positive in every essence test I do?" Then deactivate your connection to PIC and go on about your life. The insight you're looking for will come to you.

If you're a person who used to rely heavily on your interpretation of the old Essence definitions, you are going to be surprised and pleased by the results of getting your information from the PIC Classroom instead. The insights are tailored to how the Essence patterns are working with you, which gives you a depth of understanding beyond what you can glean from a definition. As well, it will help you to know when you don't actually need that information — when the most effective choice is to simply continue testing your Essences as usual, and enjoy the stronger level of balance you experience as a result.

What is the Mouth Balancing Solution doing for me?
Maybe you got started with the Mouth Balancing Solution after having one of those, "Ah, that's what I've been looking for!" moments, and now you're interested in understanding what it's doing for you. Step into PIC's Classroom. All you need to do is ask the question. The information you request will come to you in stages. First, PIC will release your starting-point insights. When you're ready, PIC will release the second stage of information, and so on. You can do this with any of the Perelandra Solutions you use, or are considering. For an example of how this process can work, read about Machaelle's personal experience with PIC's Classroom on pp. 9-11 of the PIC Brochure.