The Perelandra Garden, Revisited

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The Perelandra Garden
Revisited, 2009

In 1998 Machaelle gave a full personal tour of the Perelandra Garden on video tape. That spectacular, beautiful and informative video is now available on DVD. In the video, you learn the principles of co-creative science as demonstrated in the Perelandra garden since 1976, hear about its history and development, and learn how Machaelle worked with nature to create it. This new photo gallery was designed to show how the garden has changed since that 1998 recording.

Most of the photos we've shared here are from spring and summer seasons. It's really great to be able to share the garden with you through the year including how it looks in fall and winter. Since 2003, we've posted a new garden photo gallery every week of the year to show you the changes and the work that goes on in the garden. You can view the most recent three years at anytime. Lots of our virtual visitors tell us they view the gallery weekly and look forward to their little mental break in the Perelandra Garden. We hope you'll join us there too.

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