ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens

In my business, one of my jobs is scheduling appointments for the installation of Airbag On/Off Switches. People call us from around the United States. Appointments can't actually be scheduled until there are at least five customers in the same area. Sometimes when five people are already scheduled, customers have to change their appointments or simply drop out. When this happens, the other customers have to be recalled and appointments rescheduled. Sometimes this happens more than once, and then changing the appointments can become annoying. Customers can become irritated and rude.

On one installation trip, eight people had been scheduled when three called back at different times to drop out for various reasons. I found myself faced with calling five people back to change appointments. I was having a very hard time that particular day making myself pick up the phone and start calling to make a third change. I found myself putting it off, but I knew it could not be put off indefinitely.

It occurred to me to try working with an intention and ETS for Soil-less Gardens to make this task easier. I wrote down my intention: to call back all five people and change the appointments easily and successfully. Then I made a list of all five people and their phone numbers.

First, I used the simple method of asking Pan to shift 12 drops of ETS for Soil-less Gardens to my intention, which I had written down. I keep a bottle of ETS for Soil-less Gardens right on my desk with a spoon. After doing this, I began to feel stronger and better. Then I went down my list of five people. For each person, I asked if any ETS for Soil-less Gardens was needed for this call and how much. Each call needed a different number of drops. I asked Pan to shift the ETS drops to each separate call. After this, I began making the calls.

When I heard my voice talking to the customers, I was shocked. Who on earth was this amazing person, talking like this to these customers? I had never heard such a professional, Madison Avenue voice. I had never heard such terminology, such enunciation, such sentence structure. I was in awe of the language, the intonation, the professionalism of this person talking on the phone to these customers. I could not recognize my own voice. It was too good to be me!

The customers, meanwhile, were all most gracious and actually pleased with the calls. And, they were not bothered at all by the third change in the schedule. I was amazed at the effect of using ETS for Soil-less Gardens. It was simply astonishing.

— M.B., Frederick, MD