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February 13, 2021

The Top Perelandra FAQs

Keep taking your twice-daily Perelandra Solutions,
and add Nervous Solution to the group.

Machaelle's message about vaccination prompted a great many thoughtful notes of appreciation for sharing her personal decision regarding vaccination. It also generated new questions about taking your Most Important Daily Perelandra Solutions.

7 Important Solutions

"Should I keep taking Virus, Bacteria and my MBP Solutions if I get a vaccination?"

The short answer is: Yes. Take all of your recommended twice-daily Perelandra Solutions, even after vaccination.

As the situation has evolved, our knowledge about the challenges we face has expanded.

Machaelle now recommends Nervous System Balancing Solution be taken twice daily in addition to Virus, Bacteria, Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory.

Plan to take all of these Solutions twice daily for the foreseeable future.

These Perelandra Solutions will provide support in light of microbial activity. They build and strengthen your systems over time. The longer you have been consistently taking them, the better you can hold your own when faced with seasonal and other issues.

Learn more about the Most Important Daily Solutions here.


ETS for Humans

"What do I do when getting a vaccination?"

This answer applies for any vaccination.

If you are taking a PIC Unit or daily Perelandra Solutions, continue to take them twice a day as recommended.

When you go for the vaccine, take ETS for Humans with you. ETS will move you through the initial impact you experience from receiving any vaccination. If you're unfazed by shots or have no concerns about getting that vaccination, take ETS anyway.

You're receiving a jolt from the impact of the inoculation, whether you sense it or not. Right after receiving a vaccination, take 1 dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans every 5 minutes for the first 20 minutes.

The doses administered right after getting a shot are in addition to the 2-5 daily doses you're taking for overall support.

For more, see this message from Machaelle about vaccination

Answers to more FAQs about disease outbreaks.

Expanded Tips for Exposure, Illness and Recovery

Expanded Tips for Caring for Others

Discounted Daily Solutions Combo

Individual MBP Balancing Solutions (Including Nervous)

ETS for Humans

Everyone: Take ETS every day.

We really can't remind you enough about taking ETS daily during this time. Don't dismiss the strain you're experiencing, whether or not you or any of your loved ones are sick or at risk. The pandemic and all of the related changes to our lives are a challenge to our circuits on every level — mentally, emotionally and physically.

We recommend, to get through this time, that you take one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans two times a day, every day, even if you think all is well.

If something strikes you personally, if you find yourself overwhelmed or freaked out — Take one dose of ETS 3–5 times a day.