ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens

I do flowers for weddings about once a year. This year my best friend's daughter was getting married at home in her garden. The bride wanted peonies and roses and chose a perfect date for both, May 22nd.

I had ten months to plan the flowers, which would include swags of flowers hung on the trees overhanging the ceremony site; swags of flowers on her stone studio, which would be used for the reception buffet; large reception table centerpieces and 12 table centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and boutonnières. This would require a minimum of 150 white peonies, but when I checked the price, white peonies were $7 per stem from the wholesaler. Since the entire flower budget was $1,000 for everything, there was no possibility of buying peonies. I decided to use the ETS for Soil-less Gardens for this problem.

Things went well. I arranged with several neighbors to either swap peonies for homemade apple pies or for a very good price. Then just three days before the wedding, my friend called to say that the number of table centerpieces had increased from 12 to 17. Five additional centerpieces would be needed. The design for the centerpieces had to have 10 peonies in each; no substitutions could create the same effect.

I panicked. I had to somehow come up with 50 more peonies only three days before the wedding. Every minute of the next three days was already full. There was not one spare minute to start looking for more white flowers. And I had already exhausted all my known resources for them.

First I took ETS for humans three times in the space of about ten minutes. Then I sat down at my desk and opened a Soil-less Garden coning. I added this intention to my list of things to do: "To find and procure 50 additional free white peonies today." Using the directions, I followed the simple method of asking Pan to shift the 12 drops of ETS for Soil-less Gardens to my written intention. Although the ETS in the spoon was being shifted to my intention of finding 50 peonies, I started to feel its energy going straight into my abdomen, relaxing me. After this first application, I felt centered.

Next I wrote down "Order," "Organization" and "Life Vitality." I checked to see if these three aspects of my intention could be tested as a unit or would need to be tested separately. They tested for "separately," so I asked Pan to shift the number of drops indicated from the spoon to each aspect separately.

After this I felt ready to go out and get peonies, but where? I got into my car and headed for a place where I thought I would find some. But the buds were much too tightly closed. They would never open in time. Again I felt overwhelmed and panicky, and again I took ETS for humans. I got back into my car. I had the very strong feeling that I should just drive, so I just started driving. I didn't know where I was going, but I felt that I should just go. Within three minutes, I found myself driving past a yard where the fence had been completely planted with enormous, all white estate peonies. It was obvious that the person whose yard this was had no interest in peonies, because none of the bushes had been picked, and many of the big blooms had fallen down to the ground as they do after a rain. I gave a great sigh of relief and went up the walk to the door.

A little old lady answered and when I asked if she might sell me some of her peonies, she exclaimed "Oh, no! I don't want them! I'm only going to cut them all down. They're just making a mess of my yard. Take all you want. Just take all you want!" Did I ever want to hug this lady! There were more than 50 perfectly white blooms, just exactly what was needed. When I returned to pick them for the arrangements the next day, I took her a loaf of my zucchini bread. She was delighted, and so was I. Thank you, ETS for Soil-less Gardens!

— M.B., Frederick, MD