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January 11, 2020


We are in the midst of high seasonal microbial activity in the U.S., and it's happening much earlier than usual — if there is a "usual" anymore. The latest CDC map shows it is widespread in all but three contiguous U.S. states: Weekly Flu Map.

Tracking maps in Europe and Canada show a range of activity, with a few areas of concern.

Important Daily Perelandra Solutions

Virus Bacteria

The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution offer broad support for health in this new world by providing a targeted monitoring, disrupting and eliminating "microbial misbehavior." To address the full onslaught and uptick of out-of-control microbial activity, and a range of issues that science is beginning to attribute to microbes, Machaelle recommends that a dose of each of these two Solutions be taken daily.

When addressing a specific issue or heightened activity of any concern in your area, take the corresponding Solution(s) twice daily until your issue is fully addressed or until regional activity has passed.

  • If you haven't started taking these Solutions yet, start now, even if there isn't much activity in your area.

  • If you have family members who would prefer to start with just one bottle, make it Virus Solution.

Our Solutions are most effective when taken consistently over time. The longer you use them, the more benefit you experience. Don't wait until you or those around you start "falling out."

Immune Lymphatic Respiratory

The MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Systems Balancing Solutions provide needed support and balancing for proper function of each body system. The immune and lymphatic systems are the foundation for health, whatever you wish to address. And the importance of supporting your respiratory system is not to be overlooked during this uniquely challenging season.


Other Tips for Staying Healthy This Season

More About Taking Your Daily Doses