MAP & Essences

I'm sure you get letters like this all the time. My experience means so much to me and my unborn baby, I couldn't resist thanking you personally. I am also trying to think of a way to effectively thank my MAP team (parade, big party, sky writing...).

To the point! On Oct 31, I was diagnosed with a placenta previa (where the placenta can completely block the birth canal). This most serious complication carries a high risk of life-threatening hemorrhage and premature delivery-always by cesarean. It was devastating news, especially for someone who does MAP and was planning a water birth. After a week of questioning everything I believe in, I decided I had to put it all on the line. I put all my energy into MAP and essences, and I 'discovered' telegraph testing and calibrations. It has been an incredible journey.

Today, two months later, I stunned the ultrasound tech by showing up with that same placenta at the very top (instead of the very bottom). She kept having to check her notes to make sure I was the same person. Sometimes placentas do move a bit on their own, but don't ever really pick up and practically change neighborhoods like mine did!

Your work has changed my life and my daughter's. This letter is hardly enough to thank you for sharing and translating in the clear, concise way you do. Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to keep myself and my family and my patch of earth safe and healthy. If we don't have that, we ain't got nothin'!

— J.R., North Carolina