Microbial Balancing Program

My family and I have used the MBP for various health and environmental issues. One of the most dramatic results that we've experienced involves our dog, Strider. We had adopted him as a young dog from the local animal shelter — a handsome white Shepherd mix in very good health with a sweet personality.

He had been living with us for about a month when one night my husband and I were awakened by the horrible sound of Strider rhythmically hitting the wall of our bedroom where he slept. His movements were convulsive, his breathing labored, and he lost control of his bowels as he shook violently. We recognized that he was having a seizure. It's hard to say how long it lasted — it seemed like an age, because apart from quickly opening an animal healing coning there was nothing we could do for him but watch. After it was over, Strider was disoriented and unbalanced. He bobbed and staggered as he tried to get up, and looked at us as though he had no recognition of who we were. We tested him for essences and cleaned him up. He eventually settled down and went back to sleep.

During the course of the next few months, I did flower essence testing for Strider but didn't take his treatment any further. I hoped it was an isolated incident, but I was in denial. We had owned a German Shepherd in the past who had developed epilepsy, and in my youth I had worked as an assistant in a veterinary hospital, so I was familiar with this problem and the course it usually takes. There are at least two forms of epilepsy that occur in dogs, one of which veterinarians can't pinpoint the cause. What often happens in these cases is that the seizures become more and more frequent until the dog must be put on Phenobarbital to control them. This is hard on the dog's general health. Our first Shepherd ended up on Phenobarbital to control the seizures and was put to sleep at a young age.

Strider did seem to be fine for a few months, with no other sign of trouble. But then he had another seizure one night and soon began having them at shorter intervals. I talked to my vet about what was happening, and she confirmed what I had learned in the past and said if things kept going on as they were, he would need to come in for medication. I finally sat down then and did an Organizing Process for Strider. The first thing to come up was the Microbial Balancing Program (MBP). My focus was "what is needed for normal brain activity without seizures." Since the first MBP I did for him, Strider has not had another seizure. It's been three years. He had eight different essence solution follow-ups for his microbes before testing clear. Now I am going to use the new MBP Telegraph Testing Process for him in light of the seizures he had — to make sure his balance is such that there will be no danger of seizures in the future.

No other treatment was given to Strider, and for someone who has watched several other dogs succumb to epilepsy, his recovery was absolutely amazing to me.

— S.H., Virginia