Processes & Nature
Personal Theology and Nature

by Kris Lindbeck

I have been using MAP, working with flower essences and nature intelligences for around two years now. There is no question that my health and my life have changed for the better because of these processes and the beings who freely give their help through them. My understanding of MAP and Nature is developing too, but because I am a Christian, Lutheran flavor, it is developing along somewhat different lines than it seems to be developing for other people. This difference is not because I need to fit MAP and Nature into a rigid theological scheme, but because I find that I cannot understand the world in any other way except as who I am: a Christian. I can do the processes and I can respond with gratitude and respect to the beings involved, but I just can't grasp much of Machaelle's translations from Nature, especially the more conceptual or theological parts. My brain turns off when I try. So, since I like understanding what I am doing, at least a little, I have been doing the best I can on my own, with God's help. If there is anything I am sure of, it is that I do not have the final word on either Nature or Christ.

I would like to share an experience that I had recently. In it, I saw how I had separated Nature processes and MAP from my Christian faith—and how much I have to gain from integrating my experience of both. Recently in my prayer and meditation on the name of Jesus I have been calling on Christ to help me release a sense of obligation to others, which makes it difficult for me both to feel free to be myself and to serve my neighbors.

One day as I was sitting in prayer, I realized that Jesus was ready to help me right now, by bringing on a big mama expansion experience as intense as any I have gone through. I got the sense (and muscle-tested to confirm) that it would be most appropriate to support myself with MAP and flower essences and continue to pray and receive God's help. In doing so, I strongly sensed that every being involved, from Christ to the nature spirits involved in the essences, was working together for my good so I could become a more joyful and effective participant in God's work in the world. What incredible riches of grace! Christians using MAP may struggle, as I have, with the concepts and the language of conings and devas and processes. I have found that, as Machaelle suggests, many of these issues can be resolved by working with MAP and the White Brotherhood, and trusting receptive prayer and one's own intuition and muscle-testing.

Jesus says, "By their fruits you shall know them." I have seen Perelandra's tomatoes, its flowers, it beautiful bugs, as well as the cheerfulness and generosity of the people there. I have experienced the healing that comes from work with MAP and Nature in my life and in the lives of those around me. Good fruits, different names, same work.