Flower Essences

This letter has been a long time coming. It was not possible to write it any sooner as the story was not complete until recently.

In my work as a counsellor and flower essence practitioner I have never had a more fascinating or moving client experience. My client, J, will give you her perspective as well.

J came to me initially in November, 1989, because of anxiety attacks. She was also concerned about infertility which had persisted in spite of the fact that she and her husband had both been cleared medically. One of the major motivating factors for her seeking counselling was a desire for spiritual growth. During the ensuing year and a half her courage and determination to seek healing and balance were quite inspirational as she pursued Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, crystal work and applied kinesiology in addition to our work together. I was not aware of the Perelandra essences at that time, so we were working with Bach and Pegasus essences.

As J is extremely sensitive to energy fields, she was aware of the effects of the various therapies on her body and her subtle anatomy, and was able to move energy blocks and bring about many changes which we both felt were very positive. Throughout this time, she was always confident that she was working towards becoming pregnant and never lost sight of that. In her mind it was a given, it was just a question of time as she realized that she had work to do on herself first.

In November, 1990, one year after her physical and emotional cleansing work had begun, we started working with the Perelandra essences, and telegraphed them to various parts of her body, including her ovaries. She became pregnant in December, 1990, but miscarried almost immediately. In spite of her great disappointment at losing the pregnancy for which she had worked so long and hard, she was elated that after being infertile for so long she was able to conceive.

We continued to work extensively with the Perelandra essences as we both felt intuitively that they were exactly what she needed for balancing her body and emotions. During our regular sessions of peeling, telegraphing and calibrating, J frequently experienced vivid and detailed past life recall, often centered around a baby or child, or herself undergoing a traumatic or violent incident associated with her pelvic area.

From not being able to conceive at all, J now conceived in January and in February, 1991, and both times miscarried. At the end of March 1991, after a month's rest, she became pregnant. This time, in addition to telegraphing essences to her physical body, we were guided to telegraph essences, to her emotional body (fear and anxiety around the possibility of losing the pregnancy); to the incoming soul's fear and anxiety; and also to the developing embryo. In order to telegraph to the incoming soul, J would focus on the soul and its emotion, which, because of her sensitivity, she was aware of; and we then ascertained which essences were needed. She took them as she would for herself but mentally telegraphed them to the incoming soul.

In April 1991, she again miscarried and was so emotionally distraught after losing so many longed-for pregnancies, that she was given, through transcription, that this series of events was all part of her spiritual growth...

Although she was not informed how many times she was to undergo this painful and emotionally exhausting ordeal, she sensed that it would not be much longer.

Needless to say, each miscarriage brought with it a gamut of disturbing emotions; and the essences balanced out the feelings of anger, guilt, grief and general disheartenment...

Now that J understood the meaning of what she was experiencing, she was able to focus more on telegraphing and calibrating virtually on a daily basis, in spite of the emotional pain and physical discomfort. After the April miscarriage, we telegraphed essences to her own body, uterus, etc.; as well as to her emotional body, her mental body and to the soul who had just left because we sensed its distress.

The cycle was repeated in May, but she was informed that the soul of May's embryo would be incarnating in the next pregnancy and that it would grow to term.

As of today J is pregnant again and this one is hers to keep. Her goal is realized after a year and a half of intensive work. It has been a great privilege and joy to work with J and the essences. I am in awe of the healing power of the essences and J's indomitable spirit which carried her through a true heroine's journey.

— G. A., Canada

J's Response

As G indicated, this is J's perspective on the foregoing letter. G honours me with her loving account of our experience together and I cherish every moment. In early December of 1990, I received my own supply of Perelandra Essences and began working with them on a daily basis. I thank you and all the kingdoms for the birth of these wonderful essences. I personally feel that they resonate at a high vibrational level. The Perelandra techniques of telegraphing, etc, have led to some interesting discoveries.

The Perelandra Essences truly gave me the balance and harmony necessary to cope with a light heart on a daily basis when at times the grief and physical discomfort seemed almost too much to bear.

Upon peeling and telegraphing, I could immediately sense a gentle settling of painful spasms, eventually leaving me with the mental clarity necessary to go on with my daily tasks. The Perelandra Essences gave me the support necessary on all levels.

The coning process, combined with sensing the presence of this energy, gave me the emotional and mental stability necessary to facilitate the discoveries made along the way. I thank everyone at Perelandra for your great work. I thank G for her endless loving support. This truly has been and continues to be an adventure!

— J. F., Canada