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I was sitting meditating this morning when I heard the neighbour trying to move his bulls, without much success, guessing by how long he was taking. I assumed he must be trying to herd them into the stocks ready for the truck to take them away to the slaughter house.

Running up the drive, I could see that one was already in the stocks, and the other was resisting joining him, and both were pretty stressed. I offered my help.

He thought I meant by coming in the field to help direct the bull into the stock. I meant by opening a coning with nature. So I told him I was going to do something a bit "different," asked if that was okay (he's not really into this kind of thing), and in his desperation for help, he said yes.

I really wasn't sure exactly who in nature to connect with since I've only really done Nature Healing Conings for Animals up till now, so I asked to be connected with the Deva of Bulls, Pan and / or the nature spirits working with the bulls, their higher selves, my neighbour's higher self and my higher self. I took a minute or so to do that, and immediately the stressed energy shifted and I felt a sense of calm inside and out.

Then I told my neighbour to carry on and guide the bull into the pen. Which he did easily and quickly. To be honest, he was a bit gob-smacked, and his mother-in-law who was also standing there too, was amazed. But the proof was in the pudding. The energy completely shifted as soon as the coning opened.

I went back to my house, with the coning still open, and tested for essences for the bulls, and got Mr. Lincoln, which I asked Pan to transfer by putting the essences on a plastic spoon. I also asked if the work we had done would help them through the process of being killed the next day, and was given an affirmative answer. Then after also testing for myself, I closed the coning.

So, I just want to thank Perelandra and nature so much for giving the world these techniques to work co-creatively with nature. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

— K.K., Auckland, New Zealand