MAP and Flower Essences

I intended writing for some time to express my amazement about MAP and essences which I have worked with for over a year. I would have written sooner, but I would reach points in my MAP work where I "knew" this stuff was really crazy . . . honestly. Who was crazy, now, me or the mundane "normal," real people? But now I have reached a point where I feel certain of my answer to that question.

Just yesterday I was at the peak of an internal crisis. I had been going through massive changes and had reached a point of considerable uncertainty and fear. I decided, I will give MAP a long break. I can't handle it now at this pace. I opened a coning to tell them this. In the process of pouring my heart out, I was shown images and was guided through the cause of my turmoil. Within an hour I had swung from total desperation to a complete understanding of how things fit in with my overall plan, with The Overall Plan. It was all so utterly simple. I had been making an elephant out of an ant.

Of course, I know deep inside that only the MAP team and other members of the coning could really move me through this. I feel that only others who have worked with MAP can understand this.

I made changes and experienced incredible "coincidences" since beginning MAP. I am eternally grateful to all of you at Perelandra, not just Machaelle, for making this knowledge available. When I first learned of Perelandra (in Body, Mind, Spirit, 1991 Summer issue), tears filled my eyes and I could have jumped with joy. Here was the missing piece I'd been needing, and it opened so many invisible doors!

Two-Week Flower Essence Process and Peeling
I recently completed a Two-Week Essence Process on a friend. It was her first exposure to these essences, although she is a veteran in the area of personal expansion. Many surprises were in store for each of us. Although I am familiar with the typical kinesiology test muscle, deltoideus anterior, it was much easier for both of us to sit comfortably facing each other, with legs touching, with her hands on my knees; and for me to do the surrogate test which Machaelle explains in her book. This is easier and faster, especially when a "patient" is physically weak.

On the seventh day of this process, I offered her a "Touch for Health" 14-Muscle Balance. This led us into something very unexpected: a cathartic inner-child emotional release that she was able to experience to that depth for the first time in her life. On the fourteenth day, after testing for what should have been the last dosage, we were surprised that she still was not clear. This led into a peeling process with an "onion" that had over twenty layers. Halfway through peeling, she approached a point of terror she had never before been able to touch or go beyond. It seemed to me that this very intense layer had been exposed in earlier therapy work; as though a hole, cut in the "onion," revealed it, but left the layers intact. She was terrified of proceeding. But I got a "yes" when I asked if we should proceed, and we did. Sure enough, this layer peeled off.

Many physical symptoms occurred during the process: choking sensations, and shortness of breath. Also, she was constantly running to the toilet ("Where did all this stuff come from?") After the last layer peeled away, she reached a state of security and inner peace that she'd always strived for in her yoga and meditation. But she thought it would evade her forever. She said that to have reached this state even once this lifetime was a gift she would always treasure, even if she never reached it again.

Boy, this is really good stuff!

J. K., Germany