Flower Essences
by Joanne Contessa

Kelsi, my dog, has been terrified of thunder and lightening since she was a pup. Kelsi shakes, runs into walls and tries to go through doors and windows. If I gave her essences when a storm came, the results were good. In the Nature Animal Healing Coning, I listed all of Kelsi's physical and emotional symptoms, and asked for help. I tested to create an Emergency Trauma Solution in addition to the other essences. After several animal coning sessions, it occurred to me to make a "Storm Trauma Solution" to have on hand for Kelsi when she needs it. I asked if it was appropriate and got a yes. I did telegraph testing for this "STS", which was very different from the general ETS.

The Storm Trauma Solution worked very well when I was home. I asked, in coning, if I could to put the STS in a small glass in the house. Then, when a storm came up, I would open the animal coning and ask if it was appropriate to have Pan shift the STS to Kelsi. I kinesiology tested positive. So, I set the STS up and also rigged a few things around the house that would let me know if Kelsi reacted to the storm as usual or was better as a result of Pan's shifting to STS to Kelsi.

I told Machaelle about the solution and Pan's shifting the STS energies to Kelsi when I am not there. She suggested that I check and see if Pan would also like the solution to be given to Kelsi every day during the storm season before I leave the house. This was in addition to the STS energies being shifted to her later in the day. I then tested her for the Storm Trauma Solution and general balancing essences each morning during the storm season.

I've kept track of the morning testing and noticed a pattern after about four weeks. When Kelsi tested for the STS in the morning, I noticed the storms were worse that day. When she tested for essences only in the morning, the storms were much milder. Either way, when a storm does come up and I am not home, I always get a "yes" to have Pan shift the STS energies to Kelsi.

The Storm Trauma Solution seems to be working very well. Kelsi keeps the house in order now when I'm not home during storms. Over the past two weeks Kelsi hasn't been nearly as fearful of storms as she used to be. She doesn't shake and crawl into my lap. She will even take treats from me during the storm. And she hasn't tested for her STS in the morning nearly as often as she used to.