POSTED: March 15, 2013
UPDATE: June 30, 2015

Workbook Tip #2

from Machaelle Wright

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A couple of weeks ago several articles came out about a new study showing that the hotter, wetter weather caused by climate change is reducing our ability to get work done. If you work and live in an air conditioned environment, this may not be a particular issue for you. However, if you are a gardener, you are facing this situation head on. I have included two of the article links explaining the study findings.


Here are some tips on what you can do:

  1. Garden only during the early morning and early evening hours. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and drink LOTS of water.

  2. To help keep cool, I fill a bucket with cool water and set it near the garden and wear white socks instead of shoes or sandals. Whenever I am close to the bucket or when my socks feel dry I just dunk my feet in the water. You'd be surprised how easily you can stay cool if your feet are cool. (And yes, the white socks get dirty from walking around, so I designate several pairs just for summer bucket dipping.) My garden assistants literally hose themselves down several times a day and let their clothes dry in the sun.

  3. We always wear white or off-white when in the garden, no matter what time of day. That makes a huge difference since white reflects the sun's rays. And this I learned many years ago from an order of nuns who survive the hot and humid Washington, DC summers by wearing long white habits: Don't expose skin to the sun. Besides being a cancer hazard, your skin heats up more when exposed than it does when covered with a loose-fitting white garment. Shorts and tank tops may look cool but they don't keep you cool.

  4. Take one dropperful of ETS for Humans orally FIVE times throughout the day, including one time before you start working in the garden and one time when you leave the garden for the day. We did this when we had summer on-site open houses and the staff had to work in the sun all day. It's very effective.

  5. If you still feel "heat beat" in the evening after eating and relaxing:

    1. Take another dose of ETS for Humans orally.

    2. Take an ETS Bath: Pour 2 ounces of ETS for Humans in a full tub of water
      and soak for twenty minutes, or

    3. Mist ETS for Humans (do not dilute) all over your body and let it air dry.


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