POSTED: August 23, 2013
UPDATE: June 30, 2015

Workbook Tip #4



If you needed any more motivation to keep working with (or crack open!) your Perelandra Garden Workbook, this should do it. The articles coming out this week from the leaked report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) make it clear how much damage we have done to our environment and how difficult it's going to be to turn things around at the rate we're going. The report certainly reminded each of us how imperative it is to keep working with our environment at home and that we are all going to have to include nature in the equation if we want to change direction. If you haven't seen the news about this, here's one article:

This report makes the development of ETS for Atmosphere and ETS for Water that much more timely.

This is for all you folks who are caring for the environment by working with The Perelandra Garden Workbook. We are especially excited about these new developments and new help for the environment.


ETS for Atmosphere and ETS for Water offer all-purpose repair and balancing. They also address climate change impact and damage. Because these Solutions address a complex environmental mosaic, they must be tested along with the other Solutions in your Co-Creative Gardener's Kit.

Machaelle strongly recommends that ETS for Water and ETS for Atmosphere be included when testing the processes in The Perelandra Garden Workbook. These Solutions are now part of the ETS Garden Collection and The Co-Creative Gardener's Kit because they are integral to the Workbook processes. You will appreciate what they add to your environmental balancing.

~ ~ ~

Let's head into the Workbook Classroom . . .
This is where your Garden Workbook really begins to feel like a WORKBOOK! We'll wait here while you go and get your book, and a pen or pencil. Trust us, do it now, so when it comes time to work with the processes, you won't waste time searching for this information.

Okay, do you have your Workbook out? Handwrite the words “ETS/Water” and “ETS/Atmosphere” where you find lists of the other Solutions within the instructions on the following pages:

  • Co-Creative Gardener's Kit, p. 86
  • Using ETS and EoP for Obstacles, p. 87 (Step 1)
  • Co-Creative Gardener's Kit 2.0, p. 103
  • Energy Cleansing Process, p. 268 (To Prepare)
  • Energy Cleansing Process Steps, p. 270 (Step 8)
  • Battle Energy Release Process, p. 281 (To Prepare)
  • Battle Energy Release Process Steps, pp. 282-283 (Step 6)
  • Troubleshooting 2.1 Process, p. 297 (To Prepare)
  • Troubleshooting 2.1 Chart Sample, p. 299 (Nature Shift)
  • Troubleshooting 2.1 Chart, p. 301 (Nature Shift)
  • Nature Shift for General Garden Use, p. 303 (Step 2)
  • Energy Cleansing Process, p. 307 (To Prepare)
  • Energy Cleansing Process Steps, pp. 309-310 (Step 8)
  • Battle Energy Release Process, p. 312 (To Prepare)
  • Battle Energy Release Process Steps, p. 314 (Step 6)

Release each of these Solutions from its own clean glass bowl as described for any Nature Shift.

~ ~ ~

Is your Perelandra Garden Workbook an e-book?
Go to the Perelandra website and download the PDF of this card now. Here's the direct link:
ETS for Water & ETS for Atmosphere Card

Save the PDF on your computer where your Workbook e-book is located. Then you will be able to flip to the information easily when you are working with your e-book. If you have a PDF reader program that allows for highlights or notes, you can add "ETS/Water" and "ETS/Atmosphere" as a note on each of the pages listed above.

~ ~ ~

Alright class! You are now ready to expand your environmental balancing in great new ways! Please be sure to send us feedback as you work with ETS for Water and ETS for Atmosphere in your gardens, yards, ponds, forests and farms. Your feedback helps Machaelle with her research.


P.S. ETS for Atmosphere and ETS for Water are for use by those who are working with The Perelandra Garden Workbook (2013 edition) and PIC. These two Solutions can't be used on their own. If you are ready to include your environment in the work you are doing with nature and your health but you don't have the Workbook yet, start here.


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