As I sit in my third year co-creative garden, I find the beauty and vitality leaves me speechless. Nature speaks to me with soft breezes and affirms our partnership with a beauty in wholeness that is beyond my comprehension, beyond my knowledge of the parts. This year the harmony of the whole has emerged in a new way. And toads have come! These are the first I know of in 18 years; my neighbors have not had any in many years.

Just as the garden has become more in its wholeness than I ever imagined as I worked with its parts, my awareness of my attitude and intent in this co-creative partnership has become more than I imagined when I began. Although I did not know it at the time, my first intent was to have more control to get nature to do just as I said. When I became aware of this, near the end of my first year garden, I was amazed at myself. I had all winter to work on a new attitude, and made some progress. But my second year garden felt out of harmony. I couldn't find a rhythm for working in it, and I now think this was still part of my attitude/intention adjustment.

What I understand now is that my commitment to work co-creatively with nature has a depth and breadth far greater than my present awareness. It is as if I made the commitment with all of myself. But I was and am still able to be aware of only a small portion of my part in this, and probably of an only a small portion of nature's part in this.

I love the amazing things, and nature's sense of humor requesting me to laugh. The balancing of the garden and gardener are progressing apace.

— K.C., New Jersey