Machaelle's Best Bud
Perelandra Support Staff

2002 – 2014

This summer, with Machaelle, we said goodbye to another dear friend, Toby. It's difficult to put into words what Toby meant to us. When Machaelle brought Toby home from the shelter, it was like he'd always been here — happy to be with his best friend, Machaelle. And lucky for us, she brought him to Perelandra with her all the time! He'd charm the socks off just about anyone, furry-up a 3-piece suit (for those who dared to visit in one) and evaluate job applicants quicker than any top HR person. Toby insisted we remember to play a little each day and he knew better than all of us how to thoroughly enjoy the garden, the fields, the woods and especially the pond. Oh, and he loved to go for rides in the car, windows down and music rockin'.

His number one place was by Machaelle's side, but Toby was a part of the Perelandra staff too. He loved to make the rounds each workday and say hello to everyone. And we loved getting to visit with him. He knew each of our weaknesses well and worked us each to his full advantage — back rubs, head scratching, treats from the tin, an extra sip of water, a lunch plate, ball toss . . . Yep, he had us all trained.

We put together this photographic "Tribute to Toby" to share the many ways he brightened our lives.