Flower Essences
by Lorraine Cohen, DD, CAC

I have been on a spiritual path for about twenty years and, was exploring many avenues of healing, trusting my innate intuition and wisdom to guide me. A close friend introduced me to the Perelandra Essences about ten years ago. The initial experience prompted me to invest in the Garden and Rose Essence sets which I have had for many years and have used periodically with good results.

My awareness has also been developing, and I use several modalities to support my spiritual growth and healing. It is not always easy to distinguish where I am receiving the greatest benefit, so I don't even try to figure it out. I look at my process as synergistic. Sometimes, my experience seems profound, and I am able to notice a specific difference.

Over the last several years, I have been going to a network chiropractor for maintenance and clearing. I have had good results overall with the exception of feeling out of sync with my body. I developed a habit of being unable to sit comfortably without shrugging or periodically moving, almost as if I could not find a peaceful place. I came up with many explanations, explored them all, assigning some truth to my conclusions. This year in particular, I entered into a massive expansion period including premenopause symptoms. While at the chiropractor, two practice members mentioned Perelandra. I was reminded to test and see if I was in need of essences to assist my process. The answer was "yes." Using the Rose Essences consistently, I started feeling more "settled" within my body.

About three and a half weeks ago I started noticing a scratchiness in my throat and a malaise that persisted for a few days, never worsening but still I was not feeling quite right. I began taking herbs and within a few days felt better. Several days later, I felt the same symptoms. This went on for over three weeks. I was prompted to look at the Perelandra catalog again and when I saw the Soul Ray and Nature Program Essences, I was overwhelmed by a driving inner force to order them immediately. They arrived 24 hours later. I took essences from both sets around 5:00 P.M. That evening I visited neighbors. At 9:30 P.M. that night, I excused myself and went home. My voice had gone hoarse, and I felt that whatever I had been holding had "opened up." I took another dose of essences and slept listlessly. The following day I took another dose of the essences, and I watched my body move through several cycles of symptoms over the course of the day, at times feeling worse and then quickly feeling better. It was fascinating to observe my healing process using these wonderful essences. I know ordering the Soul Ray and Nature Program Essences was exactly what I needed!

For the past week, I have been using all of the essence sets — Garden, Rose, Rose II, Soul Ray and Nature Program — according to my testing. The Soul Ray and Nature Program Essences have tested positive for daily use. Here's what I have been experiencing in the last week: I feel more "at home" in my body, more solid and centered. Two friends have noticed a difference in my energy. To them I seem more connected. I am sitting without moving for longer periods of time than I have in over ten years. I had forgotten what it felt like to sit comfortably like other people. I cannot fully express my relief, joy and gratitude for the way I feel. The chronic physical discomfort I have felt has been sad for me over the years. To experience this shift is truly a blessing and an unexpected surprise.

My body is cleansing and clearing. I feel stronger and more aligned. I even skipped one of my appointments to the chiropractor. When I did see him, he said my spine had changed quite a bit since the week before and the adjustment went very well.

In addition, several weeks before, I had visited my dentist for a cleaning and had three places in my mouth that remained tender and sore. Three days after using the Soul Ray and Nature Program Essences, all symptoms disappeared. I'm certain much more is happening in my process.

I am grateful to the wisdom of the Universe finding special beings like Machaelle Wright to bring the knowledge and process of nature into such wonderful products. And I am grateful to be reminded of my body's unique intelligence and capacity to heal when given the right tools. Bless you all and thank you!