POSTED: July 25, 2011
UPDATED: December 14, 2011

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App: Visible Body for iPad 2 3D Human Anatomy Atlas
Caution: Will only download to iPad 2 or iPhone 4/4S*
* PC/Mac version available online with a monthly subscription.
    See green box below for details.

This app was introduced about two weeks after we announced the publication of The Perelandra Essences. Had it come out a little sooner, I would have included information about it in the new book. Alas, I've been done in by timing. If you have an iPad 2, I really urge you to check out this app. It's a little pricey, but it's more than worth its weight in gold. You can view the body by system by layer or by region. You can turn the body around 360 degrees, zoom in and out, flip it on its head or view it from the top — all so that you can see a body part or region from any angle. You can see how the different systems layer and you can fade or hide the layers in order to see what's underneath. You can remove the exterior wall of an organ and see it's interior structure. Well, it's really an amazing app, it's easy to use (it includes a tutorial), and it's actually a lot of fun. You'll be saying things like "I didn't realize that muscle was that big!" or "Holy crap, look how long the sciatic nerve is!" or "Wow, so that's what the heart valves look like."

To use it with the Perelandra Essences and testing:

  1. Just by looking casually at different regions of the body and checking out the skeletal structure, the pattern of the nerves, where organs are located and how the muscles layer and weave, we can change our image of our own body. It really is a beautifully designed machine. This alone will enhance the effectiveness of Essence testing since our focus will be more accurate.

  2. Telegraph testing: This is where the app especially shines. Let's say you pick up something heavy and strain one or more muscles in your back. You are in pain. You've taken ETS Plus and done a Basic Essence Test right away. But after about an hour, you still have pain, thus indicating to you that telegraph testing is needed. So pull up Visible Body on your iPad 2 and tap on the thumbnail that includes the muscles for the region where you're still having pain. Then tap on any muscle pictured in that region. It will highlight and its name will appear at the top of the screen. Do a PKTT test asking, "Does _____ muscle need Essences for this injury?" (Test.) If you get a negative result, eliminate that muscle from the picture by hiding it (tap the Hide button). Highlight the next muscle and do the same test. Any muscle that tests positive, don't hide and it remains visible. Test every muscle in the pain area and continue eliminating each one that does not need Essences. You can rotate and flip the body region so that you can find all the muscles easily. You can also hide any bones or organs in that region that are blocking your view. When you finish, only the muscles you need to address are left on the screen. Record what's left. Find out if you need to test them as a unit (one Basic Telegraph Test for all those muscles together) or test them individually. Record this information. Now you know precisely what you are to test and how you are to approach the testing.

    Note: If you need to focus on a particular muscle or nerve or bone for telegraph testing, you can facilitate your focus by either saying its name or pulling up that one part using the Visible Body search. This gives you easy and quick access to just that one thing. What's highlighted on the screen is what you'll look at from time to time as you do the testing and what you'll look at while taking a dose.

    I've already beta tested this for you. I'm actually the idiot who picked up something that was too heavy and strained my back, causing a whole bunch of pain. I went through the procedure just as I've described. My first telegraph testing dose on the first day eliminated about 50% of the pain right away. The second day's dose left just a hint of pain. By the third day, not only was the pain gone but so was the memory of it. Honest to god, the whole dumb event complete with its pain was completely gone from my mind. I had to put effort into remembering what I was telegraph testing! My back was pain free and back to normal. Plus the injury area felt strong and clear. This was one of those weird but wonderful experiences.

  3. Telegraph Testing for surgery or chronic illness: Use the same procedure that I've described above to identify exactly what parts of the body are involved in the issue that is requiring surgery, what is being impacted by a surgical procedure, and what areas of the body are included in a chronic illness. Visible Body shows each system of the human body (for male and for female). They are the same as the systems that are addressed by the full set of MBP Solutions: digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, muscle, nervous, urinary, etc.

  4. You can combine Essences and Visible Body for exceptional preventive care. Let's say your family has a history of heart problems. So far you've not felt any problems and your medical checkups have given you a clean bill of heart health. With Visible Body you can PKTT (test) each element of your heart to see if there are any weakening circuits that need balancing, stabilizing or repair. Approach this testing as described in #2. Eliminate (hide) each element that tests negative to the question: Does _____ need Essences? Whatever is left on the screen when you're finished are the elements that tested positive and they are the focus of your telegraph testing. Set up a Basic Telegraph Test for each remaining element and include dosage. Remember to do all follow-up testing. If heart issues are a problem with you personally or within your family, then you'll probably want to do a Visible Body check periodically just to make sure the electric circuits are strong and well balanced. Think about this for a minute: by monitoring and repairing the heart's circuits before anything happens, you may very well be preventing a heart attack from occurring down the road. Now that's real preventive health! By the way, this procedure isn't just for the heart. You can set up a Visible Body check for any organ, system or focus that is a family-history health issue or that is an area of personal concern for you without the family history.

I find that Visible Body is easier to work with than the coloring books because of the ability to eliminate everything from the picture except what needs Essences. I also love the 3D rotation and zoom capability. The coloring books still work, but Visible Body works much better, I feel — and it's just more fun! It's a perfect marriage of beautiful medical illustration and top technology.

FYI: This may be hard to believe in light of all I've just written, but I don't get any kind of consideration or kickback from the Visible Body people. I don't know them and they don't know me — except for Adam in their technical support department who helped me download the program when there was a glitch. I just feel I've discovered an amazing thing that is extremely helpful with Essences testing and I wanted to pass the information along to my fellow iPad 2 owners.


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August 2, 2011

We just have to say, you guys are really awesome. Machaelle sent out an email last week about the very cool Visible Body iPad 2 App and you ever-helpful folks responded immediately to let us know that everyone with a computer (and the right browser plug-in!) can access and use this fantastic tool. Thanks for responding so positively, and for letting us know there is a web version of Visible Body! You are about to make a lot of fellow essence testers really grateful. So, for all you folks without an iPad 2 who were wishing you too could use this, here you go.

Learn more about the online version of Visible Body here.

We found that the online version of Visible Body is not quite as smooth as the iPad 2 version when maneuvering through a series of Perelandra Essence tests, but it will still help to improve your essence testing accuracy and results. And it looks like improvements and additions to the web version of Visible Body are in the works.

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