Suggestions & Ideas
from Machaelle Wright

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I listen to the news, read newspapers and listen to discussions and opinions about different burning issues of the day. Oftentimes these things are thought-provoking — and my provoked thoughts will sometimes lead to making connections between an issue or situation and something I've developed at Perelandra that might be useful in that situation. The "Try This" page is an ongoing list that I will be adding to whenever I see a connection. I want to be very clear with you about this page: I have not specifically tested any of the Perelandra tools in the situations I list. I base my suggestions on the knowledge that I have about each program, process or tool regarding how and why they were developed, the foundation of how they are to be used, the results of the testing each have been put through, and the results from customers using them over the years. The bottom line is this: I'll never live long enough to personally introduce our programs, processes and tools into all parts of life, personal and professional. But I can help others expand the uses of what Perelandra offers by pointing out the connections that may be obvious to me but less so to others. So if you are working or living in a situation I list and wish to make changes or improvements in the situation, I say to you, "Try this."

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, I am assuming that you have a basic knowledge and experience for working with the Perelandra processes, programs or tools that I've listed with each situation. For example, if I suggest that you telegraph test the Perelandra Essences for a specific situation and then give you the focus for the telegraph testing process, I am assuming you have the Perelandra Essences and know how to do a basic test. You may not know how to telegraph test. So, in this example, we link you to the product or information that includes instructions for Essences telegraph testing. My intent for "Try This" is to give you different options and ideas for expanding the use of the Perelandra tools. It's not to teach you the basics for using the tools. If you are new to Perelandra and see that something I'm describing applies to your life and you wish to pursue it, you will need to learn how to use the specific process, program or tool listed from square one, as they say. Call our Question Hot Line for help getting started.

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2. Medical & Military Personnel, Police, Fire & Rescue, First Responders

4. Stranded whales / dolphins / other marine animals

7. Essence of Perelandra Stress Breaks

8. Essence Testing & a Great iPad 2 App

9. A Tip for Essences

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