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Update: February 6, 2023

The two easiest ways to help yourself and
your family every day: ETS and EoP.

And how to save money doing it.

Our complete "Good, Better and Best" suggestions for maintaining balance in today's challenging times are available anytime here. But sometimes we all just want to know the good, simplest option right away. And we often benefit from a reminder to pick up the ETS bottle sitting right there and take a dose! It will give much needed support, so you can continue to think and move forward.


EoP Infusion Pump

EoP Infusion Pump

It can't get any easier than this! Keep your EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket every day, all day. Let it balance, stabilize and strengthen your body, mind, emotions and soul on a continuous basis as you maneuver your way through difficult times.


ETS for Humans

ETS for Humans
(& ETS for Animals)

Take one dose* of ETS for Humans 2 to 5 times a day. Keep doing this until you feel like you have found your footing again. If you're taking 3 to 5 doses per day, a good litmus test for when to return to twice-daily doses might be when you can read the news without bracing for impact first. (* An adult dose is 10-12 drops, or a dropperful.)

For children: When a news story or event has them rattled, have your children take one dose of ETS twice daily until you see they have clearly re-established their normal connection to life.

  • Children 11 years and older get the regular adult dose of one dropperful (10-12 drops).
  • Children 10 years and younger get 5-6 drops per dose.

For companion animals: When a major event really throws you for a loop, it can impact your pets. Give your dog or cat one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Animals one time daily for two weeks, or as long as you are feeling the impact.


More Tips for Finding and Maintaining Balance


We Did The Math!

ETS Humans 8oz and 2oz

Those who have spoken with Trish and Ruth on our Order Line know they are always looking out for you. They go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the most for your money whether you're purchasing Essences and Solutions for the first time or restocking.

A lot of you order a lot of ETS for Humans, and that's smart — because ETS is feeling pretty essential to keeping our collective wheels on the carts these days (years!).

We did the math to help you make the right decision for yourself when ordering and refilling your ETS supply.

Should you order an 8-oz. refill bottle or another 2-oz. bottle?

Every 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans comes with a free 1/2-oz. ETS.

  • A 2-oz. dropper bottle of ETS is $25.
  • With free 1/2-oz. ETS you get a total of 2.5 ounces.
  • $25 ÷ 2.5 ounces = $10 per ounce

Every 8-oz. refill bottle of ETS for Humans comes with a free 2-oz. ETS.

  • An ETS 8-oz. refill is $84.
  • With free 2-oz. ETS you get a total of 10 ounces.
  • $84 ÷ 10 ounces = $8.40 per ounce

To put the savings into perspective: When you purchase the 8-oz. refill with a free 2-oz., you save $41 right off the top. (To get an equal amount of ETS in 2-oz. bottles would cost $125 instead of $84.) And when you factor in the cost of shipping, if you ordered the same amount in 2-oz. bottles in separate shipments, you'll save an average of about $80 when you purchase ETS in the 8-oz. refill size.

If you are chronologically gifted (over 65 years wise), you'll save even more because you qualify for 10% off our regular retail prices.