Microbial Balancing Program
My Microbial Community and Me

by Vicki Timmons

A couple of years back I wanted to stop using pesticides. Over time I acquired all the Perelandra books and essences. Then, last night I began the journey into Microbial Balancing. I realize now just how dramatically my life has changed through the seemingly innocuous use of kinesiology. I use it all the time. I realize my entire being has simplified operations. I don't live in Torrance. I live in the universe. I get time and space and other dimensional existence. Answers relate to levels of clarity, not right or wrong. I lived by right for so long. Sheesh.

Last night I knew I was going to move into the Microbial Balancing Program — even as I held the antibiotics in my hand. My eye was peeling layers of skin from under the lid. I knew I would lose my vision again for two months or so and tear off the dead skin until tears ran blood-stained. Three years of this and no doctor knew what to make of it. I got temporary relief through drugs but the side effects were awful. Both eyes would be a blur today. I connected with the microbe community, stated my plans and asked about this being in harmony. I had such deep gratitude for being led this way even though it was through a plague over the last several years. It brought me to this love for the microbes and gratitude for their influence in my health, bad and good. It was a breakthrough. My heart felt wide open. I don't go for the mushy stuff. I had no thought of getting a response. I was talking to air, but a profound calm softened all my knotting muscles. My eyes seemed to lay back and sigh. The bugs that felt like they were crawling under the lid left. The insane itching stopped, and the stream of tears stopped. I went to bed.

I got up totally healed. This had always been the beginning of pain and blackened eyes for two months. I woke up in complete balance! I took this as a sign of support from the microbial community for this new phase of healing. I am just shocked. I don't know why this happened — but then things that happened with the essences last January are only now revealing the explanations. I understand that I have a long learning curve. Thank you for this research on the microbes. But dang it takes courage.

And all I was looking for was a nice posey patch!

A few weeks later, my eye had a flare up but the skin is stronger than I have seen it in years. I used essences and worked with the microbial community to heal it again thinking the first time was just luck. Ha! My eye is again in perfect health. This is too incredible.