This year has been a year of learning patience and humility through the garden. I discovered Machaelle's books in August, 1990, and planned all winter for the 1991 garden. I was able to work as planned until May 27th — doing energy processes, planting, and following guidance of the devas and nature spirits.

On May 28th, my dog had puppies and the following week my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Since then I have hardly been in the garden except to harvest. Despite this, the garden is the most vital, beautiful garden I've ever grown in 15 years of gardening this same area.

I've learned that when I feel guilty about not being in the garden, the flow of energy between me and the garden is blocked. When I set guilt aside and simply go outside and say "Hi," I feel a flood of loving energy which does not depend on how well I've pleased the garden or how much I've accomplished.

The lessons I've learned in this first year are beyond words — they are in the deepest reaches of my heart. Although I have long believed that the energy of this Earth is Love, only this year have I experienced it. How wonderful it is.

— K.C., New Jersey