MAP and Kinesiology

Several years ago, I had a "Healing Touch" session with my friend Sarah. While working on me, she called in a team of specialists (her Professional MAP team) to work with her. I was able to feel the energy move as she and her "team" worked. At the end of the session, I asked her to explain to me how she was using and connecting to "the team." She told me about the book MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. I immediately went and bought the book and devoured it. I was already connected to the nature spirits and was interested in flower essences, so to be able to connect with the devas and the White Brotherhood was neat.

About six months earlier, I had gone with a group of people to Conyers, Georgia, to see and hear Nancy Fowler, who claimed she was seeing and hearing Mother Mary at her home. The crowd was quite large (50,000 or more). While I was there we were sitting on the ground, and I got bitten by something on my legs. The sores kept getting worse, no matter what I tried to do. I do not usually go to a doctor for I have a strong belief that I can heal most things that occur in my body. So I began using many alternative measures, but to no avail.

When I learned about MAP, I said to myself, "This will be a good test to see if this program really works." So I started; I called on the beings by going through the simple steps of just asking for their presence. I then proceeded to tell them what I needed work on, all the particulars, the who, what, when and where scenario, what the problem was and how long it had been there. I also told them I was looking for a natural cure. Then I laid down and was quiet. During the sessions, I talked to them, told them what I felt in my body, for I did feel my leg get very hot—and not any other part of my body. I did this for several days. I could feel the heat on my leg, from my knee to my ankle. It was warm to hot. I described to them what I felt and sensed. The feedback gave them more to work with. As I talked to my team, I continued to give them an update, just exactly how large the sores were, how many, and when we were getting down to the last session or two, I remember telling them that I wanted the redness and all indications of the sores to disappear. They worked with me until that happened. Even after the first session, there was an improvement, and within a week or two, the sores were completely healed. There are no scars, no indication that they were ever there, even though they had been there for six to seven months and were open and large.

Now if that is not enough to convince someone to try MAP, I don't know what will. I continued to use MAP for other healings, from the minor "I don't feel good" to the major things like depression, sadness and belief changes.

A few years later, I had another chance for them to help me in a major way. I was walking across the lawn to my car, with keys in hand. I slipped and fell, puncturing a large hole in the palm of my hand. It was severe. At that time, I no longer worked in the corporate world, so I didn't have any insurance. This was posing a problem. I knew I was in bad shape, and probably had nerve and muscle damage—and it was my dominant hand to boot! I was in so much pain. As I came back into the house, my friend Sarah called (what synchronicity). She said, "call in your MAP team." I responded, "I can't even remember how to do it." Talk about panic! She helped me call them in. I then cleaned the wound, and made a mixture of distilled water and a powder that I had that contained aloe vera. I packed the wound with the mixture, wrapped the hand in a bandage and lay down on my bed. I told the team the situation, and that I was in too much pain to talk to them. I simply said, "Please help!" I went out like a light! I continued to call them in each day, never removing the bandage until two weeks had passed. When I took the bandage off, it was healed. There is no scar; now there is only a small little red area in the center of my hand where the keys went in. One has to look carefully to even see it. And, I have total use of my hand. Miracle? Yes, if you like, but I give the credit where it is due—my team! Again, I have had physical manifestations that this program works.

Since then I have used my MAP team to help me with depression, with shifting my negative thought patterns about myself, for fear and more—in other words, for anything that is either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. They will gladly help, if only we ask.

Thanks, guys, for all you do, have done and will do to help me in any and every healing. I love you and am very grateful to you and to Sarah for introducing us.

D.D., E-mail