MAP & Essences

This morning I awoke to find that I was sliding into a black hole depression. This is a very frightening experience and can last for ages, over a year at times in the past with no relief from antidepressants (which I hate anyway). I immediately did the basic balancing test with my essences and then made an essence solution for the depression. The bottle was a little too full after I added the water so I took a whole dropper full, with “instructions” to take the dosage 5 times a day for 13 days, then retest. I was astonished when I got immediate relief and was able to proceed with my day instead of burying myself back in the covers in quaking agony. The day has been just fine with no sign of that malignant horror threatening to paralyze me.

I suspect I recovered so quickly because my electrical system has been getting constant balancing, repairs and stabilization since January, and I am also going through a deep, long-term healing with MAP and the essences to heal from my mental disorders. Sometimes MAP tells me that things seem to “get worse,” briefly, so they can get inside of an issue in depth in order to help me heal profoundly instead of superficially. It feels like they blow it up like an exploded diagram so that the parts are discernible and there is “space” to move around among them. I consider what happened today nothing short of a miracle in my experience, but one founded in logic and understanding that makes perfect sense to me. A million thanks again.

S.H., Colorado