Flower Essences

This is about an adventure I’ve had with your flower essences. Last December our dog Shade became very ill. We took her to the vet who said she had a fatal brain infection. She was put on hormones which would only help her live a little longer. She was given six months to a year, if she was lucky. We all love Shade dearly. We consider her to be our daughter and my son considers her his best friend and sister. She’s a sweet-tempered black lab and setter mix who likes chasing tennis balls and wrestling. This news was just too much for us to take. We were homeless, jobless and broke; and now our baby was going to die. And we couldn’t afford the $37 a week for the pills. The only thing we could do was either watch her deteriorate or have her put to sleep. Neither prospect interested us.

The disease was horrible. She was forgetting how to walk, how to wag her tail, how to bark, even how to go to the bathroom. Her hearing left her. Her tongue kept swelling because the muscles in her throat were out of control. Her vision was vanishing in the white mist covering her pretty brown eyes. Her balance left her, so we had to escort her out and hold her up while she went to the bathroom, if she could manage it. One day, she actually growled at a child, something she’d never done before.

I had been using your essences for myself because I was a nervous wreck and still in shock from losing everything we owned so suddenly. I had only Eclipse, Orange Ruffles, Tomato, Summer Squash, and Comfrey Essences because that was all I could afford.

The essences had helped me calm down and even deal with the stress. I figured there was nothing left to lose, so I tuned to Shade’s spirit. I asked if she wanted to be put to sleep or try the essences.

Basically, I tested Shade for permission to try to save her because I wasn’t sure that was within my right even though I wanted her to live. That may sound corny, but I really feel that way.

The testing showed that she wanted to live and that I had her permission help her. I tested her for essences, hoping that I had the ones she needed. Shade tested positive for Comfrey and Tomato Essences, four drops, four times a day, and Orange Ruffles and Summer Squash Essences, two drops, four times a day. This went on for a week. Then she was due at the vet to see if the hormones were helping.

The vet told us she was going faster than he expected and he wanted to do a spinal to see how far it had gone. That was $100 which we didn’t have. Then he said that the best thing was to put Shade to sleep so she wouldn’t suffer. Even though she wasn’t in pain, she couldn’t function normally anymore.

We had a family conference and decided it was up to Shade. Even though my husband and son don’t “get into this spiritual stuff,” they left it up to Spirit to decide. The kinesiology testing told us to wait two weeks without any more hormone pills. The only difference for the first week was a request to increase petting Shade and, while doing it, see her being filled and healed with a bluish white light, and just love her to pieces.

She got worse, but I continued the essences and “love” treatments. I even made anyone who touched Shade pet her, comfort her and give her love. I was surprised by how many people readily agreed to do this. Shade really was loved by everyone who laid eyes on her.

The next week the essences changed to Tomato and Orange Ruffles Essences, four drops, two times a day. On Wednesday she wagged her tail. That may not sound like much, but she hadn’t done that for a long time. Thursday, Shade was able to walk without falling over and began drinking chicken soup broth. Friday, she barked and went outside to eat snow and ate solid food. By Sunday, she was up and wiggling like she had never been sick at all.

A few days after that we spoke with the vet who said it was a miracle. Then he said it was probably a fluke, and we shouldn’t get our hopes up. He also said that the damage in her brain was irreversible and that proof of this was that she would never be able to do any of her tricks again.

Well folks, here is a picture of Shade holding two tennis balls in her mouth. It’s a 1992 photo. But that doesn’t matter because she did regain the ability to do all her tricks, including the one with the tennis balls. She is whole and healthy and playful. There is no doubt in my mind, or anyone else’s (that includes the vet who told me so off the record) that the essences healed Shade, or helped her heal herself. She still tests positive for Tomato, Summer Squash, or Orange Ruffles every once in a while — about once a month. And when I bring out the bottles she jogs over and sits down with me wagging her tail and waiting for the test to be over. She knows those essences work, and so do we.

C.T., Maine