Frebruary 25, 2023

Use EoP to help resolve what
you're struggling with right now.

A Perelandra Question Line Frequently Recommended Simple Solution to the Issue

Every week, we hear from several folks who are struggling with personal challenges. Sometimes it's daily anxieties, sometimes it's a work-related challenge or feeling stuck with a project, or struggling to resolve differences in a difficult relationship or financial challenges.

Whenever we're suggesting ways to use Perelandra Solutions and processes, we like to start simple and give you ways to ease struggles that take just a few minutes or less and require no learning curve. So Essence of Perelandra comes up A LOT. It's simple to use, can help in just about any situation and give you quick, tangible support, reducing struggle, removing perceived barriers, adding a feeling of ease.

And when we give our simple suggestions of applying EoP, the responses we hear are surprise, relief and gratitude. So we wanted to share a few examples of the ways we recommend EoP be applied when you're struggling.

A 1-minute, 2-step way to get relief at anytime, for any reason.

Take two doses of Essence of Perelandra (EoP), ten seconds apart. Again: One dose of EoP is always 10 drops.

1. Say aloud and focus on this when you take your first dose: "This is for my general health and well-being in light of _____________ [name the issue you struggle with]." Then wait 10 seconds.

2. Then say aloud and focus on this when you take your second dose: "This is to help me function well while addressing my underlying _____________ [fill in the blank]."

Some examples for that blank are anxiety, depression, anger, fears, worries, grief, headache, exhaustion, foot pain . . .

Important: Address one issue at a time. Do not list all of those examples in one dose.

You can address multiple issues, but you need separate two-dose rounds of EoP for each issue. Repeat these two steps daily for each issue until you are back on track.

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Here are a few more examples of what to say in Step 2. This is meant to give you ideas. Use wording that is meaningful to you and your situation.

Say out loud: "I'd like to focus this dose of Essence of Perelandra to help me be honest and true to myself in my relationships." Take one dose of EoP while you're thinking about this goal for 10 seconds.

Or say out loud: "This dose of EoP is to add balance to how I function in or relate to _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ [describe challenging situation, task, relationship]." Take one dose of EoP while thinking about this goal for 10 seconds.

Or say out loud: "This dose of EoP is to help me think and act in ways that will enhance my well-being and my life." Take 10 drops of EoP while thinking about this goal for 10 seconds.



Pro Tip #1: When you have an issue you want to address but you aren't sure how to word it, just speak from the heart. Say what you mean without filters or preconceived notions of how something should be said. And if you didn't word it quite as well as you could have, you will learn from the experience and be able to say it better next time.



Pro Tip #2: When you’re addressing relationship struggles (sibling arguments, rude co-workers, point of contention with your spouse, angry teenagers, tantrum-ing child, "it's my right to _____" neighbor, etc.) ALWAYS address your part in this relationship. Never shift EoP to another person. If they would like to use EoP to help resolve the struggle between you, give them a bottle and instructions for use. But only if they ask for this kind of help.

If you focus on who you are, who you want to be, how you want to communicate in any relationship, you will change the dynamics of the relationship. Don't try to change the other person or their mind.

EoP on Spoon

Another Layer of Support

In addition to the doses you take orally, you can shift 10 drops of EoP to address various hiccups and debacles in everyday life:

Use ETS and EoP to support any project or goal.

Bolster Any Goal or Address Any Challenge

Addressing Economic Crisis