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Post: September 2021

Use Your Solutions

Consider yourself a "nature lover" — someone who cares about the environment? We've got to do more than talk about it. Time's up.
Bring nature to the table and get to work.

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On Sunday, we gave you a simple way to include nature and take your climate action to the next level.

And all week, we're giving you a big break on Perelandra Solutions that can help with that. So if you are one of many who care about nature, reversing the damage we humans have done to the environment and stopping further destruction, and if you are one of many who until now have just come to Perelandra for the human health solutions, it's time to shift gears. Of course we want you to continue to work with nature to support your health, but we also want you to make the environment a bigger priority.

Environmental damage is a major factor in human health issues. You can't separate them. So if your health and your family's health matter to you, you've got to add in the environment piece. And consider taking action or stepping up your actions when it comes to nature, the environment and biodiversity for the sake of "behaving as if the god in all life matters."

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There are many very simple ways to use Perelandra Solutions for the environment — just as easy and effective as the monthly Perelandra EoP Biodiversity Process you are likely doing already.

You don't have to be a gardener or even have a single houseplant. You can live in a high rise apartment, be surrounded by concrete (all part of nature too by the way). There's a lot to be done and it's going to take all of us to turn around the human-inflicted disaster we're all in. So no passes.

Use one or more of these four Solutions: EoP, ETS for Soil-less Gardens, ETS for Soil, ETS for Plants to add strength and support to your actions.

Start with the DDP we gave you on Sunday: Climate and What You Do Next
(Actually, Machaelle gave us that DDP!)

Support that DDP with EoP or ETS for Soil or ETS for Soil-less Gardens with these instructions: Support Your Projects and Goals

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What's your next move?

If you're going to take action and call your representative, tell them you want climate action to be a top priority. Use those same instructions, with your DDP: "Make my calls (or letters or emails) to my representatives clear and impactful."

Volunteering with a community action group? Use the same instructions with a DDP: "To participate as a volunteer with _______ in a meaningful, impactful way."

Promoting change in your workplace? Use those instructions and a DDP: "Develop a proposal to show my department manager the value of converting to an all electric truck fleet."

Don't know where to begin? Our Environment Series has lots of ideas.

If you do have land, a garden, a plant, add ETS for Plants to the mix and improve what you are doing there too.

Your Co-Creative Gardeners Kit and When to Use it

Nature Shift for Soil Balancing

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Get the idea?

The sky is the limit. Nah, there's no limit. Whatever positive action you are taking, you can add this support.

For more ideas and ways to use these four important solutions:

Take Nature With You to Plant Sales
And give them ETS for Soil, ETS for Plants and EoP when you get them home.

Update Your DDPs for the New Cycle
You'll use ETS for Soil-less Gardens and ETS for Soil to support your updated goal.

Support Your Projects and Goals with EoP and ETS
It's easy with this handy Solutions for Soil-less Gardens Worksheet.

What you can do for your home with EoP, a spoon and just 5 minutes.

Perelandra Voices: The Wedding

EoP Biodiversity Process Experiences

Learn from Machaelle. Learn from nature. Learn from each other.

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Nature once said to me that nature is powerful beyond belief and humans are powerful beyond belief. But when nature and humans act together, that combined power is intensified a hundredfold.   — Machaelle Wright, The Perelandra Garden Workbook