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Update: September 2020

Perelandra Tips for Parents

Easy Ways to Use Perelandra Products
to Help Your Children

Saying "this is an unusual and challenging time" to a parent right now is clearly stating the obvious. It may even be the understatement of the year!

These last several years have been one heck of a time to be a kid. And teaching them how to make their way in the world is your most important and most difficult job in the best of times. As a parent who uses the Perelandra products and processes, you have some fantastic "extra" tools in your parenting kit. Here are simple things you can do with your Perelandra products and processes to help them.

EoP Infusion Pump

A Really Easy One

Give your son or daughter the supportive, continuous flow of balance provided by Essence of Perelandra in the EoP Infusion Pump.

Older kids and teenagers can carry it around in their front pocket, or in a thin or knitted pouch around their neck. For younger kids, consider putting EoP into a water-tight, stainless steel container like this pill holder. However they carry their EoP Infusion, it has to be at least 1/8 of an ounce of Essence of Perelandra Solution, and it has to stay within 1 inch of their body to be effective.

ETS for Humans

One We All Need Now — Twice Daily, Every Day

We recommend everyone in the house take one dose of ETS for Humans orally twice daily every day. If 11 years of age or older, a regular dose is 10-12 drops. For kids 10 and under, the dosage is 5-6 drops. See the ETS Brochure for newborns and complete instructions.

It's not always external stuff building up pressure and stress. Sometimes it's something a little closer to home. Wherever it comes from, a habit of everyone taking a dose of ETS when they get home for the evening can help maintain peace and balance in the household.

Important Daily Solutions

Other Important Daily Solutions

We recommend everyone in the house also take the Five Most Important Daily Solutions Right Now: Virus, Bacteria, Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory — twice a day, every day.

The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution offer broad support for health by providing a targeted monitoring, disrupting and eliminating "microbial misbehavior." During the fall and winter months, microbes tend to take that misbehavior to a whole new level.

The MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Systems Balancing Solutions provide strengthening support and balancing for each body system. If your child is particularly sensitive or vulnerable, you may wish to give these Solutions daily as well.

Taking Drops

A Great Dad Idea

We aren't implying that "only a dad" would come up with this idea. The truth is, a dad did come up with this idea for administering the MBP Balancing Solutions to his three daughters every night before they head off to bed.

He made a game out of giving the drops. He'd challenge each of his girls to curl their tongue up to collect a small puddle of saliva. Then his challenge would be to drop the dose into that little bit of saliva. Being younger kids, it really helped to make this a fun part of their routine, rather than trying to force it on them.

EoP Spoon

Support At-Home Learning with EoP and ETS

You can use Essence of Perelandra (EoP), ETS for Soil-less Gardens and/or ETS for Soil to support any project or goal — including goals such as, "To set up my son's at-home school and study environment in a way that best supports his growth and learning." Or maybe a goal that's a little more mundane or technical such as, "To get this darn Zoom classroom to stay connected for a full 30 minutes!" Learn more about how to set up and work with nature using any or all of these three Solutions here: Use ETS and EoP to support any project or goal.

A Bonus Tip: The Simplified Energy Cleansing Process

We know you're making the best of it these days, but stuff happens. You can address that human "stuff" — tension, anxiety, out-of-place emotions, arguments that hang in the air, extreme worry or despair — and strengthen your home's balance with the Perelandra Simplified Energy Cleansing Process.