Machaelle and Toby

Welcome to Perelandra's Virtual Open House!

IN 1976, WE DECLARED PERELANDRA a nature sanctuary and research center. It is dedicated to the discovery and practice of nature's principles of balance as taught by nature. Our primary focus has been in areas of co-creative partnerships we humans can potentially have with nature — such as gardening, agriculture and health. The direction and timing at Perelandra have been set by nature and this in itself has been a tremendous learning process for us. Nature's sense of timing and direction tends to defy our sense of logic! The research and work that has gone on here is a result of careful listening to nature's input as to what is to be done, step by step.

Since beginning my work with nature, I have seen proven over and over that if we are going to reestablish ecological balance and live as an active contributor rather than a challenger to that balance, we are going to have to look to nature to teach us, give us answers, and help us pull out of our present ecological downspiral. If ever there was a time to create a conscious and active co-creative partnership with nature, it seems it is now.

Machaelle Wright
Perelandra, 2007