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July 16, 2020

Bacteria Solution Virus Solution 2oz

The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution do NOT need to be replaced annually.

We've been answering one question with increased frequency over the last couple weeks. In case you've been wondering about this as well, here is the quick answer:

The Perelandra Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution do NOT need to be replaced annually.

And here's a bit more detail:

When the Bacteria Solution patterns and the Virus Solution patterns were initially created, there was a strong possibility that no annual change would be needed. In fact, the patterns in these two Solutions have a very broad reach that takes into account possible changes occurring well into the future. This includes issues that may be prompted by climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation.

This means you will not need to preorder replacement bottles in anticipation of the next season as in the past with the old "Seasonal" Solution. In fact, if you still have Bacteria and Virus bottles with labels that say "September 2017 – August 2018" they are still as potent, current and effective now as they were in 2017. You may safely ignore those dates and use the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution in those bottles.

And if you ordered these Solutions recently, continue taking them daily. These two Perelandra Solutions are not just for "seasonal" issues. Microbes — bacteria and virus — are an integral part of our overall health and balance every day, every month, every season.

If you've been taking one or both of these Solutions only seasonally, we remind you that Virus and Bacteria do not have a "season." They need to be taken year-round for optimal, continued effectiveness.

That's one reason why the Virus Solution is included with the Most Important Daily Perelandra Solutions, and why the Bacteria Solution is a recommended addition to that group.

The Virus Solution along with the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions, provide a foundation of support that is needed year-round for general balance and well-being, as well as when dealing with any type of serious or ongoing issue. The Bacteria Solution will add to and further strengthen that foundation.