Perelandra Voices is our way to share letters and articles written by folks who have been using the Perelandra processes with resounding success and sometimes with touching struggle. We do this to pass on encouragement and ideas about how to use the various Perelandra Processes in different ways.

Voices can be the vehicle for keeping people from feeling crazy, alone and stuck. The fact is, your experiences can be incredibly supportive and helpful to others. (And the experience of others can be helpful to you!)

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We want to hear from you! More importantly, all those other folks interested in what we’re doing at Perelandra and what you’re doing with the Perelandra tools want to hear from you!

Whether you’re new to Perelandra and just beginning to use what we offer, or you’ve been applying our information and products to your life for 30 years — what you have to say about your experiences means a lot to other folks. So, tell us about how you have used Perelandra products or processes in your life. There are so many possibilities! We have heard so many fantastic, heartening, helpful stories from you and we know others would really appreciate hearing them too.

Need some ideas to get you started?
You can describe any Perelandra processes that gave you interesting, funny, amazing or even challenging experiences. You can tell us about:

  • addressing a flea/tick problem with the new dog or cat solutions,
  • how things have changed for you since taking the Energy Balancing & Stabilizing Solution and the Weight Balancing Solution
  • a Workbook process that you used in your garden or farm,
  • starting your first-ever herb patch with the Workbook Gut Gardening process,
  • a turning point in your soil-less garden project (home renovation, classroom set-up, writing project, family reunion planning, business expansion . . . ),
  • how you solved a health problem with the MBP Solutions, Perelandra Essences, MAP or the Microbial Balancing Program,
  • ways you’ve improved or changed your Essences use since reading The Perelandra Essences,
  • rescuing yourself or your companion animal with ETS . . . or rescuing your houseplant,
  • reaching a balanced conclusion to the roach, ant, bedbug, squirrel, sasquatch problem in your house or apartment,
  • using ETS for Soil-less Gardens to find that perfect new home or job, or. . .

Hint Hint: We don’t have any articles yet about your experiences with the new Perelandra Solutions, or how you’re applying the information in the new books, The Perelandra Garden Workbook and The Perelandra Essences. We would love feedback on how you're using the information and products and if they are helping you!

Still at a loss for words? Go back to the top of this page and click to read some of the articles that other brave folks have already shared.

And remember, stories about times when you got “stuck” in a process and had to work with nature to get “unstuck” are just as helpful as the many stories of everything going “smoothly.”

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No time to write a story?
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Go to the product you'd like to review, click on the Customer Comments tab, then click “Review and Rate this Item” and submit it to us! It’s really that simple. Reading your comments will be so helpful to others.

What you have to say can be just the thing that gives someone else out there the confidence to take the leap and try something new.

So what are you waiting for? Start your fingers a-tapping or pick up that pen!

Thanks for all you do with what we offer!