September 2, 2020

Vote as early as you can.

Hello again dear Perelandra enthusiast!

We're posting this message to cajole . . . um, pester . . . uh . . . help you participate in this November's U.S. General Election.

You may have to put in some extra effort this time around. Many of us feel it is our duty to cast our vote, and grateful we're able to do so. We believe the extra effort is more than worthwhile.

NYT Mail-In Deadlines

About Mail-In Voting

The New York Times recently posted a great, easy-to-follow, state-by-state breakdown of mail-in voting time frames.

If you live in Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Alabama, Wisconsin, Maine, Georgia, Michigan, Delaware, South Carolina, Louisiana, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Connecticut or Montana — do not put off submitting your ballot. Your state does not allow enough time for last-minute voting.

"In the 2018 midterm elections, more than a quarter of all rejected mail ballots — 114,000 votes — were not counted because they were late. But voters should have plenty of time to cast a ballot by mail in November, as long as they don’t wait until the last minute to request one."

There are 19 other states across the country that "might" allow enough time for you to cast your mail-in vote at the last minute, but why would you want to wait? It's a big risk.

Will You Have Enough Time to Vote by Mail in Your State?
Yes, but it's risky to procrastinate.
[The New York Times, 8/31/2020]

I Have a Right to Vote

I Have A Right To Vote!

If, somehow, you're still not motivated to vote — watch this video and listen to this song. If you have a friend or family member who thinks they don't need to vote, forward this link and encourage them to watch.

I Have A Right To Vote


Vote Safely Check

There's no need to wait.

You'll find links to everything you need to get registered, request your mail-in ballot and vote informed right here:

How to Vote Safely This Fall in The United States