Flower Essences

Around 2 a.m. on a Monday in April 2003, my right foot started to feel irritated although I could not identify any injury or trauma. By 1 p.m. my foot had swollen so much that I had to take off my shoe. I found my crutches and was fortunate to be able to go to my naturopath at 3 p.m. that afternoon. All he could tell me was that I had eaten something to which I was allergic. By this time my leg hurt up to the knee, and I could not touch my leg or place any pressure onto my foot.

I hobbled around on crutches for almost three more days until Thursday, when I started to pray for a way to be able to stand on my foot and return to work. At this point I began to repeatedly hear the word "MAP." The word reminded me of Perelandra, and sent me straight to my library where I found the well-marked box containing my Perelandra books and essences. I had just moved in, but those boxes were ready to be unpacked!

I set out the essences and got paper and pen ready — this was at 12:15 p.m. I tested for almost every one of the essences. No surprise there. After taking the essences, I asked for a time to do the next essences test and discovered it was to be in one hour. That was a surprise, but I dutifully sat down at 1:15 for the next test. Again, at the end I tested to wait just one hour. It seemed strange, but I was still in a lot of pain and in no mood to question nature. At 2:15, I tested for fewer essences than in the previous sessions. As I was sitting at my desk, I realized that I had placed my foot onto the floor and really did not notice the pain that had been in my leg and foot earlier that morning. So I stood up and put more weight onto my foot.

Whoopee! I could put pressure onto my foot. When I realized that, I hobbled into the kitchen — without crutches — and showed my brother what had just happened. I was so elated! In just two and a half hours, I was on my way to a healthy foot!

Even though my foot was still somewhat swollen, I went to work the next day without the aid of crutches. I continued taking the essences for this particular problem for about a week until my foot returned to its normal size with no pain. What a wonder these essences are!

Many thanks to Machaelle and to nature for work that is being done for all of humanity.

— K.B., Maryland