I want to thank you so much for discovering MAP. What a marvelous gift to the world. (The new videos are especially helpful.) I've been having sessions for about a year and a half. I wanted to share a couple of my experiences. They have taught me so much. I used to go to the chiropractor a lot. When I first asked MAP to help me with my neck problem, I projected a routine chiropractic session onto the MAP sessions. It wasn't helping much. I finally realized that they work in entirely different ways unknown to me. Once I allowed for this and quit imposing my ideas on the team's work, they could help me a lot more. Now I have to go to the chiropractor much less.

Another time I was on a plane and felt extreme pain in my ears. I had forgotten my "earplanes" earplugs to use for this purpose. Before when this happened nothing would "pop" my ears, and the terrible pain would last the whole trip and long after landing. I decided to open a MAP session even though people weren't three feet from me. Within ten minutes they got my ears to pop, and I was completely pain free! My team's code is "waterfall," and once they took me to their beautiful healing waterfall and pool. As part of what they were teaching me at different times they've shown me some past-life experiences that have truly enriched my life and helped me understand so much more. They have a cute sense of humor — at first when I was doing kinesiology, as I tested yeses and nos, my team was simultaneously yelling YESes or NOs.

L.F., Texas