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The Weight Balancing Solution provides support for achieving and maintaining your body's ideal weight range — not necessarily the weight you want, or think you should be! This Solution gently shifts all of your body's related elements and systems so that as you move toward and then reach your ideal weight, your body will support that weight level and not fight it. You'll need to exercise patience as your body goes through all the shifts. If you focus just on how much you weigh, you are missing this Solution's big picture.

When you start taking the Solution, we suggest you not actively think about your weight, and not step onto a scale for the first six months. Instead, focus your attention on this: As you move forward, you will sense or feel the need to make changes to your diet, your daily schedule and rhythm, your physical activity, etc. Don't fight these impulses. Just go with them. These changes reflect the various shifts your body's systems and elements are making.

For best results, also take Energy Balancing & Stabilizing (EB&S).

~ ~ ~

To Start: Take twice daily for the first 3 months (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). This will help to build you up and give you a strong foundation. After 3 months, take as directed below.

Adults = 10 drops per dose
Take twice daily for the first 3 months.
• Then, take 1 dose daily for achieving optimal weight balance.
To maintain a healthy weight balance:
• Take 1 dose every 3 weeks.

Children (10 & under) = 7 drops per dose
Take twice daily for the first 3 months.
• Then, take 1 dose daily for achieving optimal weight balance.
To maintain a healthy weight balance:
• Take 1 dose every 3 weeks.

May be taken any time of day.
One 2-oz. bottle contains about 120 - 170 doses.

DO NOT DILUTE. Take directly from the dropper. Should the dropper touch the tongue or mouth, wash the dropper well before placing it back in the bottle.

~ ~ ~

The Perelandra Solutions were created by Machaelle and nature from a combination of electrical infusions from different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. Each Solution contains water, a specific electrical pattern and a preservative (brandy or distilled white vinegar).

They are safe and natural oral Solutions that may be taken by adults, pregnant women and children.

Bottle Sizes

Dram (1/8-oz.) = appr. 75 drops

1/2-oz. = approx. 300 drops

2-oz. = approx. 1200 drops

Perelandra Essences

    • A dram essences set usually lasts one person about one year.

    • A 1/2-oz. essences set often lasts many years (see notes about droppers below).

  • You may go through a few essences more quickly and can order 1/2-oz. individual replacement essences that will refill your dram bottle 4 times.


Perelandra Solutions

    • A 2-oz. MBP Balancing Solution lasts about 3 to 6 months (1/2-oz. about 3 to 6 weeks), depending on if you're taking the Solutions once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. Virus or Bacteria Solution is 10 drops per dose and lasts about 2 to 4 months (1/2-oz. about 2 to 4 weeks) depending on if you're taking the Solution once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. bottle of Natural Aging should last one person about 3 months.

  • A 2-oz. bottle of any of the other Perelandra Solutions usually last about 1 to 3 months.

† † †

Preservative Options
If you are sensitive to brandy, you may order your essences, ETS Plus or MBP Solutions preserved in distilled white vinegar. The prices are the same.

Whether preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar, the essences and Solutions are equally as potent and effective.

Essences and Solutions preserved in vinegar will freeze if left long enough in frigid temperatures. If frozen, they lose 20% of their efficacy and should be replaced.

† † †

Essences & Solutions Guarantee
The Perelandra Essences, MBP Solutions, Essence of Perelandra, Natural Aging and ETS Plus are natural and will not interfere with any medications you may be taking. However, they are not a substitute for needed medical care.

We guarantee the integrity and potency of the Perelandra Essences and Perelandra Solutions. They have an indefinite shelf-life and we preserve them in a brandy or vinegar base to ensure that shelf-life. Sometimes, after a period of time, the rubber bulb on the dropper may show signs of deterioration — softening, collapsing, cracking. When this occurs, we recommend you replace your droppers. To facilitate this, we offer packages of replacement droppers. Of course, we can't guarantee against mishaps that occur due to "user carelessness," such as replacing a dropper before washing it off after it has touched your mouth or having several bottles open at one time and forgetting which dropper went into which bottle. But we certainly back the integrity of the essences in the areas that we here at Perelandra can control.

SUGGESTION: We recommend storing your sets of essences with the bottles standing upright. This keeps the essence from coming in contact with the rubber dropper bulb and eliminates the rubber taste the essences can get over time. For convenient, easy essences testing and upright storage, use our new Essences Testing Box for dram-size (1/8-oz.) essences.


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by Eirene
on 4/9/2015
I would recommend this!
I have been taking this for 8 months. I had a dramatic "detox" and was off work for 3 weeks, then lost 54 pounds in 6 months. Then the weight loss slowed to about three pounds a month. I am now 171 pounds at 5 foot 4 inches. I had been 210-273 pounds for 25 years. I didn't really believe this would work! But it facilitated under-eating and calorie-counting, which I had tried in vain to do previously. It also highlighted lactose intolerance. I still have cravings from time to time, but am thrilled. It was not gentle for me, but all the time felt positive. Thank you Perelandra.
on 12/18/2014
The Bud is Blooming
I started out taking only this solution as directed. After 6 months and no physical changes, I added the Energy Balancing and Stabilizing solution. Within 3 months, I began to lose weight. The progress has been gradual, steady and consistent. The insights that have come – inspired by Nature – have been rooted in deep truths which are revealed in a pace that allows me to gently release any misguided information or maladaptive behaviors and replace them with knowledge and action that are better suited for my health and well being. I LOVE the feel of that process; it reminds me of the fluid nature of a flower bud opening to its full expression as a bloom. At this writing, it’s been sixteen months since I first began to take WB. I am twenty-three pounds lighter. I’m confident that my use of both WB & EBS will continue to guide me to an optimal weight. Thank you, Perelandra, for helping the bud to bloom.
by Shirley
on 10/27/2013
Listen Closely and Learn
I have been taking the new Energy and Weight Balancing Solutions twice a day for three weeks. What I have noticed so far is that my intuition is surfacing more often. For 15 years I have been working on hearing my intuition and these Balancers are dramatically improving it. The pace has been upped. I heard (in relation to sugar addiction): "Holding onto the past (childhood foods) in order to feel secure in the present (fears around upcoming life changes)." There have been other insights, but this one, in particular, came as a resounding surprise. A truth. Such is the power of this pair of Balancers. As to be expected, the insights are coming one at a time, in balance. Act on one and the next appears. I am so glad that Perelandra is in my life. It makes everything work better. Thank you, All.
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