Gardening and Essences

It seems like a lifetime since it all began. Was it just February or March when I was first introduced to Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered? I felt a connection with something Machaelle wrote or didn't write, I'm not sure. But soon after that, I had the other books and the complete set of essences and a Soil Balancing Process Kit. I visited Perelandra and bought more stuff — all the while being pulled deeper to know more. I had a terrible time with pulling all the knowledge together for actual use, but with a little ingenuity it became much easier. I asked nature to help me learn this stuff while I slept. I told them I would put the books under my pillow at night and I would appreciate their assistance in getting the information into me as quickly as possible as I wanted to work with this co-creation thing already. And to say the least, I was getting anxious about my progress. WHAM!

Nature Sanctuary in place, MAP in progress, testing, testing, testing, testing. Two-Week Processes, calibrations, peeling, telegraphing. This will get you. Now I'm testing where I work. It's a retail store in a very large metropolitan shopping mall. The owner/manager at the store had been using the Perelandra essences for years, but only used them for occasional personal use. Me, I walk in and say, "We need to do energy balancing for the store." He says, "Sure." We meet early Saturday morning before the store opens and do the routine. He says, "Ask nature about the jewelry. Do we have to balance it in some way?" I say, "Why not?" Whoa! I must have opened the floodgates because since then they have not stopped talking about it. I suspect that what I am approaching is treating the jewelry as if it were a garden with triangles, interplanting, etc. Nature said to locate and balance triangles. We have three in the store and all are balanced. I think nature is enjoying this with me. Am I nuts? Oh well. What a way to go, eh? Things are getting interesting at work. Some interesting signs are appearing, two people asked if the draperies were new. A special color fabric showed up from a past employee who still had the leftover bolt we so desperately needed. We are finally moving forward to hiring long needed sales help. Sales are up consistently. Difficult jewelry jobs are coming together. A worker next door wants me to do essence work for her and her family, and nature keeps saying something about processing the entire mall.

Before I even heard about your work, I had this vision a number of times about intimately working with a large place and doing energy clearing for it. Life is so cool, isn't it? This past weekend, Hubby and I did a financial expo together and I did a coning just moments before it opened, right there in the booth. By the end of this very long day I had tested seven people for flower essences, five of whom had to make a great leap of faith to even try. It all started with a friend of mine (She came with me to visit Perelandra this summer.) at this seminar. She looked a little overextended and tired. As I caught her up on all this testing I have been doing, I noticed her interest perk. I cautiously asked if she felt like she wanted to be tested for essences. "Sure!" she said.This is a very conservative group and I suggested she not pass around the information. Did she listen? NOT! She was so grateful about feeling so absolutely fabulous that she told one of her friends there and you can guess what happened next. She is even thinking of doing something for her employees (thirty in all).

— F.B., Virginia