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August 7, 2018

What Your Dog Wants You to Know


Dog FluThere is a widespread outbreak of canine influenza across the U.S. We're sharing this article from Michigan, but this problem is transmitting nationwide.
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Here's a good summary of symptoms and prevention tips.
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Also, there is a serious, unidentified coughing illness spreading rapidly among dogs in Virginia.
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If you heard some mis-information about canine flu spreading to humans and are concerned, read this.

Perelandra tools: Here are some suggestions for giving extra support to your dog friends.
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Important: Virus and Bacteria Solutions are for humans only.
Do not give them to your animals.

MBP Solutions can be used with animals.
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PICThe most comprehensive way to address any issue with your dog is PIC (the Perelandra Information Center).

Instructions for surrogate testing animals begins on page 23 of the PIC Brochure. The suggested PIC List focus: "Prepare ________ (dog's name) for potential exposure to canine influenza and for dealing with the resulting disease."

If the concern is a mystery illness, such as the one spreading in Virginia, your PIC focus could be: "Prepare ________ (dog's name) for potential exposure to the canine illness currently spreading in our area and for dealing with the resulting disease."

Important: Do not include Virus and Bacteria Solutions
in the PIC list when testing your animals.

Anytime you have a concern about your dog: If you would like to know which Perelandra Solutions or Essences would be most helpful for your animal, ask the PIC Classroom. And if you have an animal that's . . . let's say "challenging" when it comes to administering the drops — or if they need a lot of different Solutions and you want to limit the amount of brandy or vinegar they're getting — then PIC List Testing is the way to go!