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Soil-less Garden Series, Part 3
Getting Ready for the
SLG Starting Process


Update: July 26, 2019

The Soil-less
Garden Series

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Do you have everything you'll need before you officially activate your first soil-less garden project with nature?

In our last post, we got you thinking about what you will choose for your first project, and we told you about the easy starter — using the Perelandra Solutions for supporting projects and goals, or addressing everyday issues.

Now we're going to review all of the materials you'll need, plus some you will be glad to have.

First, this is what you must have to do the soil-less garden processes Machaelle and nature have established for all of us:

You'll be glad to have optional items 5, 6 and 7. They will make your work easier:

5.  The Perelandra Nature Cards.

6.  Essence of Perelandra (EoP), preferably a 2-oz dropper bottle.

7.  Extra SLG Troubleshooting Charts, either on paper or fill-in-able PDFs.

Many of you already have items 1, 2 and 3 above. But a lot of folks ask about item 4: The Perelandra Rose Essences and Rose Essences II Sets.

You must have both the Perelandra Rose Essences Set and
the Perelandra Rose Essences II Set for your SLG.

Perelandra Rose Essences I and II

The Perelandra Rose Essences and Rose Essences II are required for working with soil-less gardens. (However, working with all five sets of Perelandra Essences provides more comprehensive coverage.)

This isn't just about you and the Essences you may need to support your overall balance and functionality, or help you relate to nature and your soil-less garden. The Rose Essences and Rose Essences II also fulfill the minimum needs for a soil-less garden. For the project framework itself, there will be times when the patterns in these Essences are needed to strengthen, repair and stabilize that framework. Without them, you'll be limping along.

You don't always need everything in the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Kit. But when you need it, you'll need it right then, and you won't be able to move forward without it. When you activate a soil-less garden, you are required to do an initial "troubleshooting" process. It is quite possible in that first troubleshooting that you'll need the essences.

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We know a lot of you have started soil-less gardens without the Essences. We know this because your project gets stuck or just stops moving as smoothly and when you can't figure out why, you call us. We'll learn during the call that important steps and processes are being skipped, or needed elements are missing. Don't short-change yourself or your project or your partnership. If you're going to take the time to learn and use this valuable, unprecedented, balanced approach, use it correctly.

Imagine buying a toaster and then deciding you don't need to follow all of the instructions for use. Whatever your reason, you're just going to follow the ones that are convenient to you. So you decide not to plug in the toaster. After all, electricity costs money . . . Get where we're going?

For all of you folks working with soil-less gardens without "plugging in" — we're giving you an opportunity to redeem yourselves and your SLG.

Learn more about the first Perelandra Rose Essences Set here, and the Perelandra Rose Essences II Set here.

Soil-less Garden Kit

For some folks, as soon as you hear the phrase "soil-less gardens" — without really knowing what the heck it is — it just strikes a chord in you. Like it's that missing piece to your puzzle. If that describes you, then we suggest you get started the easy way by purchasing the discounted Soil-less Garden Kit.

If you haven't yet purchased any of the items you'll need, then the SLG Kit is always the best way to get everything together, at the lowest price.

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If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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The Soil-less Garden Series