by Beth Shelton

The story I am about to tell you happened a couple of years ago. I lived in an old house in the country at the time — the kind with strange, narrow wooden stairs and no rails. My house had two sets of such stairs and both were treacherous. This incident took place on the set of stairs with three cement steps at the bottom that turned sharply into the basement.

Having lived there for only a year, I hadn't yet learned that it was not wise to walk down wooden stairs in socks. So, of course, the day had to come when I'd learn. . . .

One Saturday, as I hurried down to the basement for some reason or another, I slipped. It was like a cartoon. My feet flew up in the air, I landed on my right thigh and hip, and then slid down the rest of the stairs (alright, it was only two more steps) and crashed into the cement wall and floor.

I sat there in shock for a moment. Then I began to feel the excruciating pain and immediately opened an Emergency MAP coning. For some reason the first words out of my mouth once I got the coning open were "Don't let it bruise. Don't let it bruise."

When I finally got my wits about me, I dragged myself back up the stairs and went to my room to have a regular MAP session and test myself for essences.

The next day it was painful to walk and even more painful to sit, but there wasn't a single black or blue mark on me. I made it through that leisurely Sunday without a problem.

On Monday, my leg felt a little better while standing. Luckily, I worked in the mailroom at the time, so I was standing all day anyway. But when I went in to lunch and tried to sit down . . . that hurt. I grabbed up the cushiest chair I could find and added another pillow to boot. That didn't help. Standing at the table to eat lunch wasn't an option, so I sat through lunch on my left butt cheek and hoped we wouldn't get into a lengthy discussion.

Someone at the table said something to me about the pained look on my face, or the way I was sitting, and I began to explain what had happened. I just couldn't understand why I was in so much pain when I had MAP and flower essences to help me. As I said to everybody at the lunch table, "I asked my MAP team not to let it bruise, but it still hurts . . . " it dawned on me what I had done.

When I said "don't let it bruise," and pictured this big black and blue ugly thing on my leg that I didn't want, I created an intent that limited how my MAP team could help me heal.

After lunch I went and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes, opened a MAP coning and said, "Oops. I know what I did now. I don't care if it bruises or not, I just want my leg to heal." Then I closed the coning and went back to work.

That night, I had a regular MAP session, talked about the stupid mistake I made and updated them on the condition of my leg. Still no visible bruise, but it hurt like the dickens. When the session was over, I closed the coning, tested myself for essences and went to sleep.

Tuesday morning I woke up, got out of bed and smiled as I stepped down. No pain. But you should have seen the revoltingly huge purple, blue, black, green and yellow thing on my leg!