Update: July 31, 2020


Update on Perelandra Operations


We promised occasional updates on how the pandemic is impacting our daily operations here at Perelandra, and what you can expect from us moving forward. Well, we've been steadily revising our routines as needed. Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our staff, and remaining available to support all of you who rely on our products, especially at a time like this.

As Machaelle wrote way back in February (that was only 5 months ago!), we are still paying close attention to what is happening locally, nationally and internationally, and we're responding accordingly.

And as new information is released and we learn more, we're updating and adjusting our policies, staffing and contingency plans to allow us to continue answering your calls, processing your orders and keeping our shelves stocked.

We're in this for the long haul, we are not backing off any of the precautions and best practices we have implemented based on recommendations from infectious disease experts, epidemiologists, and doctors and nurses on the front lines.

We intend to Live Smart! for each other and our families, and maintain these best practices through the coming winter. We're confident we're doing everything we can, and deeply appreciative of Jeannette who has been working and reworking the puzzle of keeping us staffed while maintaining safe physical distancing!

For a grounded scientific perspective on the pandemic, we recommend CIDRAP and the podcasts of Dr. Michael Osterolm.

To better understand Machaelle's and nature's perspective on viruses and other microbes, we recommend the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual. Start by reading an introductory excerpt from the MBP Manual here.

Even though it's over 2 months old, this article in The New Yorker by Dr. Atul Gawande was and is still helpful when evaluating our options, discussing and agreeing on best practices: Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, a Regimen for Reëntry.

Shipping and Delivery Updates

One of the biggest changes to our routine that you may notice is our needed processing time for orders. We now ask that you please allow up to five business days for your order to ship.

We may adjust our shipper choices as needed to get your products to you, and to further minimize social exposure for our staff. We will continue to offer the lowest rates available to us. Below is where we are currently, but you can expect to see changes to available shipping options going forward.

U.S. Orders

We're currently shipping all U.S. orders through FedEx to help us avoid sending any staff to drop off packages at the busy post office. It has been safer for our drivers and for us since we moved all of our deliveries and pickups to our barn warehouse to eliminate traffic and interactions.

After your package is shipped please allow 3-10 business days for delivery. If your order does not arrive within 10 business days, or if you have other questions or concerns about your order, contact us.

Also, if you need to arrange for special delivery times or give other delivery instructions, we suggest you sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

International Orders

The pandemic has complicated and slowed down delivery services around the world. Many international packages shipped since spring have taken several months to arrive, rather than the normal 2-3 weeks our international customers have come to expect. To give you a faster option, we are once again offering FedEx international shipping in addition to USPS.

We Recommend FedEx International Priority or FedEx International Economy:   Your order may arrive sooner and will be more easily traced. This option may cost a little more, but it's more reliable.

For USPS International Priority or First Class:   Please allow up to 3 months for delivery. We will not be able to issue refunds for orders until after 3 months from the day it was shipped, and only if we can confirm the order will not be delivered. Postal services and customs offices in several countries are experiencing significant delays in light of pandemic closures and higher demand. Learn more here: USPS International Service Disruptions. We encourage you to also search your nation's post office website online to learn more about their current operations and delivery status.

We are continuing to work on getting the best shipping options available, so we can offer you the lowest rates available to us. We may again adjust our shipping choices as needed to get your products to you, and to further minimize social exposure for our staff.

As long as shippers are operating, and Perelandra is permitted and able to operate safely, we will continue to send your orders.


It matters to us that we do all we can through this pandemic to keep providing you with the products and information you've come to rely on. And of course, do all we can to stay healthy and safe here. Thanks again for your care and support for us. We'll keep you updated as new changes occur, through email and with updates, tips and reminders on our website's home page.

Wishing you all safety and good health,
Your Perelandra Staff


A Summertime in Virginia Note


Our area of Virginia is prone to severe afternoon electrical storms and frequent dangerous lightning strikes during the summer months. During these storms, we have to stop answering the phones for our safety.

If you call expecting to hear a friendly voice and instead get our voicemail, it's safe to assume we're in a storm. Please either leave a message or call another time. These storms can last anywhere from 15 minutes up to 3 or 4 hours. We will call you back during office hours as soon as it's safe to do so.