October 15, 2020



Do you have a voting plan?

Will you be voting early? By mail? Dropping off your ballot? In person?

If you still need to make a plan to vote, this is the easiest resource we've found to gather the up-to-date information you'll need:

Vote Save America: Make A Plan

Voting in person?

If you're planning to vote in person, Dr. Michael Osterholm offered some good suggestions for minimizing the risks of exposure in a recent podcast:

Episode 27: COVID in the Capital

Note: If you don't have the bandwidth to listen to the whole hour, there's a link to the transcript offered with each podcast.

Want to encourage others to vote?

You can help get out the vote this weekend by joining in Vote Forward's "Big Send" event!

After you sign up and get "reviewed and approved" you will receive details on how to get started. This may take up to 36 hours, so do it right away.

Vote Forward's Big Send: Saturday, October 17th


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