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Post: March 2020
Update: January 2021

When To Take Your Perelandra Solutions

An abridged quick-reference for the
most important Perelandra Solutions right now.

Below is a condensed, quick-reference guide for taking your Most Important Daily Perelandra Solutions and ETS for Humans to help you use these Solutions most effectively. We suggest you print this information, cut out the boxes you need and tape them up near your bottles. That way, you can easily review the rules when you actually need to know! You can also request that we include quick-reference cards of this information with your next order. We'll send them along free of charge.

One more trick to help you remember to take the Solutions: Place the bottles where you normally are when it's time to take the doses. For example, you might keep your MBP Solutions on your bedside table and keep your Virus and Bacteria Solutions near the kitchen sink or on your dresser. It helps us!

(Note: We give complete dosage guidelines for all Perelandra Solutions and Essences here.)

A few rules that apply to everything:

  1. When we say "wait 10 seconds" or "wait 15 minutes" it means don't put anything in your mouth during that time. Don't eat, drink, brush your teeth, take medications, pop a mint, smoke or vape or take any other Solutions or Essences. In other words, "wait" equals "keep stuff out of your mouth."

  2. Should a dropper touch your mouth, tongue or any other surface: BEFORE putting it back in the bottle, wash the dropper off in hot, soapy water and rinse it well.

  3. All of the guidelines here list the adult dosage. For children and infants, the dosage is different. See the instructional brochure for the Solution in question.

  4. These guidelines are for oral doses only. Instructions for uses other than the oral doses can be found in the brochures for each Solution.

  5. If you have an odd daily schedule and your "noon" is actually midnight, adjust the times listed here to match your wake/sleep schedule.

These instructions have been modified to reflect the dosages Machaelle currently recommends. You will find the "normal times" instructions on our website here.

ETS for Humans

ETS for Humans

One dose: 10-12 drops (a dropperful)

For an emergency, sudden upset or crisis:
Immediately take 1 dropperful.
Wait 3-5 minutes. Take 1 dropperful.
Wait 3-5 minutes. Take 1 dropperful.
Do this for the first 20 minutes of the emergency.

Take 2-5 times a day for general stress:
Spread your doses throughout the day, with one dose at bedtime.
For each dose, do your best to first wait 10 minutes.
Then take one dose and wait 1 minute.

In an emergency, don't worry that you just took your Virus and Bacteria Solutions or just ate something — still take your ETS like you would for any emergency.

Do not dilute ETS when taking it orally. For guidelines on how and when to apply it topically and for ETS Bath instructions, see the ETS for Humans Brochure.

Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution

Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution

One dose: 10 drops

Take twice daily:
Take once anytime before noon, and again anytime in the evening.
Wait 10 minutes. Take Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution, in any order.
Wait 10 seconds between each Solution.
Wait 10 minutes.

Do not dilute. Do not take them at the same time as any other Perelandra Solutions.

See the Virus and Bacteria Brochure for complete instructions.

MBP Balancing Solutions

MBP Balancing Solutions

Immune: 6 drops
Lymphatic: 5 drops
Respiratory: 7 drops
Nervous: 7 drops
(The number of drops per dose varies for each Solution and is indicated on the label.)

Take twice daily:

Finish your evening routine, including that last glass of water and brushing your teeth.
Wait 15 minutes.
Take your MBP Solutions last thing at night, at bedtime, in any order.
Wait 10 seconds between each Solution.
Take the second dose first thing in the morning, in any order.
Wait 10 seconds between each Solution.
Wait 20 minutes.

Dilution is not recommended. If you insist, follow the dosage chart in the MBP Balancing Solutions Brochure. Mouth guards are okay, as long as they're clean and do not contain medication. If you wake up in the night and need to drink water, it's okay.

(Note: We give complete dosage guidelines for all Perelandra Solutions and Essences here.)