by Carolyn Plummer

I work at Perelandra where, among other things, I help process orders and catalog requests. Some of these include notes, cards and letters to Machaelle from people who have just finished reading Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. They express a common theme which runs something like this: "I just read your book and I'm so excited about learning that I can talk to and work with nature! I always knew this was possible. So, I can't wait to start my co-creative partnership with nature. I'll do that as soon as I quit my job, sell my house in the city (or the suburbs) and move to the country. Then I too will be able to garden and work with nature."

When I see these notes, cards, and letters, I feel like telling people, "Hey, wait a minute! You're missing the big picture here. Machaelle's research with nature occurs in a garden. But that's only one place where we can be co-creative partners with nature. You don't have to garden or live in the country to work with nature!" For example, your home and office are great places to start working with nature to produce energy-balanced environments. The energy processes described in the Perelandra Garden Workbook (energy cleansing, battle energy release, soil balancing, atmospheric balancing, geopathic zone balancing) apply everywhere.

My husband did the first three processes on his office during a particularly stressful economic time in his business this past year. Afterwards, he noticed that he felt more calm and better able to concentrate on doing things which would generate income. He later learned that the previous tenant of his office had gone bankrupt. We both felt that some of the energy and tension around the bankruptcy was still in the building and was affecting my husband and his business.

You can check with nature to see how often these processes need to be done. I now energy-cleanse my house weekly. Although this doesn't keep dust balls, kitty hair, or child debris from forming in the corners of the rooms, it does make the house feel better and seems to keep us from becoming pack-rats.

Besides keeping your home or office "energy clean," there are other ways to develop your relationship with nature. Most of us live in houses which were designed and built by others. You may not be fortunate enough to get nature's input for designing and building your own home. However, you can work with nature in determining the optimal use of the rooms in your house. For example, I was having trouble keeping our guest bedroom uncluttered, and asked nature for help. Nature recommended that I move the sewing machine and associated materials to another room since the bedroom was not the best place for them. After slight panic (Where was I going to put all this stuff?), I asked nature for input on rearranging the other areas in my home. Eventually, we designed the furniture layout in several rooms. This is similar to placing vegetables in a garden. The results have been a less cluttered house. Everything now fits, believe it or not! I also have the gratifying feeling that each room now functions at its best. The next time I rearrange furniture or decorate rooms (paint, wallpaper, carpets, new drapes, etc.), you can be sure I will ask for nature's input.

I have also worked with nature in the area of teaching. I heard Machaelle say that a classroom can be one's garden. It is possible to ask nature to help you arrange the furniture, students, and material to be taught for optimal balance. Before working at Perelandra, I was a computer specialist. From time to time, I now teach computer software classes as a consultant. Shortly after learning I could get nature's input on teaching, I contracted with a local company to give five computer software classes. For these classes, the course was already designed; all I had to do was learn the course and give it. Easier said than done, because I found the course difficult to learn. My initial response to this problem was to do a calibration process on myself. It seems that I needed to shift some perceptions about myself as a teacher. However, the calibration did not resolve all difficulties with learning the course. It then occurred to me to ask nature if the outline and structure of the course was sound and appropriate. Nature's recommendation was to keep the entire course but to re-organize it. After doing that, I found the course flowed much better and I learned it in a snap.

When it came to giving the classes, the room layout was already established. We used one of the company's large conference rooms. Nature and I did no co-creative work in that respect. Where nature did help me was with the presentation of the fourth class. The first three classes went smoothly. The fourth class, however, had a very rocky beginning. Several people were upset at being in the class. One person refused to bring her computer to class, insisting that she could learn from watching others. Another individual announced she was leaving promptly at 4:00 p.m., whether I was done or not. Another person told me that he had too much work to do to spend the whole day in class, but would I mind if he "dropped in" periodically to see what we were doing? Essentially, these people were throwing temper tantrums. At our first break, I quickly went to the ladies room and, behind closed doors, opened a coning to ask for help! One of the suggestions I got was the need to immediately energy cleanse the room, which I did. When class resumed, people seemed mellow, and became cooperative as the day went on. When we broke for lunch, I learned that the conference room we were in had been used the previous day for a big budget meeting. Although no one I talked to had actually been there, I assume it must have been a real humdinger of a meeting!

The articles in Perelandra Voices tell how Machaelle's research with nature is being successfully applied in many situations which most people would not ordinarily think of as "working with nature." What a contrast these articles are to the letters and cards I mentioned earlier! Sure, working with nature is about gardening, but it is also about working with all form, everywhere, and bringing spirit and form together in a balanced, functioning, and creative way. Why not ask for help from the experts of form whenever you can?